LastWeekTonight: Medical Devices: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on: Sunday, June 2, 2019

Medical Devices: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the medical device industry, which is a huge business with a hugely troubling lack of regulation.

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  • Be strong

    Be strong

     1 days ago

  • Team VLCN

    Team VLCN

     1 weeks ago

    While the "FDA Cleared" system can be a good idea, anything that goes into a person's body must have to go through the "FDA Approved" process.

  • Elizaveta Cone

    Elizaveta Cone

     1 weeks ago

    Better jazz it!

  • ysa :P

    ysa :P

     1 weeks ago

    Is that Jane Krakowski? It's Jane Krakowski! :O

  • Stella H

    Stella H

     1 weeks ago

    Makes me want to talk about vaccines again.

  • Joshua Wise

    Joshua Wise

     1 weeks ago

    Had this up at work on one of my monitors. Not really watching, just listening and working away on an Excel spreadsheet. My boss comes to talk to me so I hit the pause button. After we talk, she walks away, and I notice what was on my screen the whole time... A cat licking the area between the legs. Face palm.

  • Brandon Johnston

    Brandon Johnston

     1 weeks ago +3

    DePuy's hips actually do lie.

  • Alan  Choi Chang

    Alan Choi Chang

     2 weeks ago

    Lobbying is the true culprit to a bunch of problems.... whatever issues you have, probably done by lobbyists...

  • Catnip -

    Catnip -

     3 weeks ago

    A Capitalistic country is a country loseing its morals and culture

    Some nations degrade slower than others depending on its history and roots but eventually it degrades into absolute corruption and into a complete oligarchy with the few controlling all.

  • Alex Defatte

    Alex Defatte

     3 weeks ago +1

    That metal on metal was such a huge oversight

  • baetoven


     3 weeks ago

    FDA cleared counds like what the FAA did with 737-MAX testing. A government based on greed is a sign of a poor government structure. A bad system always means the structure can be improved. Simply, rectifying the system is always a band-aid solution.

  • FiN


     3 weeks ago

    4:35 dude i was eating

  • Ash Stewart

    Ash Stewart

     4 weeks ago +3

    This feels like a summary of the documentary “the bleeding edge”

    Which is an excellent documentary that everyone should watch. I’m glad Oliver is bringing more attention to these issues

  • T


     4 weeks ago

    0:59 nice shot!

  • ultimateninjaboi


     1 months ago

    Shotgunning someone in the reproductive organs is pretty effective at preventing them from having kids. Guess that means people shotgunned in the uterus must be happy with that.

  • abdulaziz hashim

    abdulaziz hashim

     1 months ago

    My sister is a doctor and she told me if any medicine FDA approved run .

  • 112steinway


     1 months ago

    Really disappointed that Moms in da Hood didn't actually show up.

  • Jerepasaurus


     1 months ago

    So basically, if you're going to get an implanted device, get all the info you can before surgery and what devices they plan to use, then scour support groups of people posting horrifying stories of their experiences with those devices. Then ask your surgeons about all the alternative devices on the market. And then probably trust older brands first. And after that, SEE IF IT WAS EVEN FDA APPROVED TO BEGIN WITH.

    Also, fuck Johnson & Johnson.

  • Noble Obodum

    Noble Obodum

     1 months ago

    It's truly insane that this is happening! A big kudos to John Oliver and his team for always bringing these important issues to light. I really learned something today

  • Vito C

    Vito C

     1 months ago +4

    Shakira should endorse a line of FDA-approved hip replacements

    "These Hips Don't Lie"