CreepsMcPasta: "We Witnessed the Birth of a Goddess" Creepypasta


Published on: Sunday, September 22, 2019

"We Witnessed the Birth of a Goddess" Creepypasta

And she is beautiful...
CREEPYPASTA STORY►by zachariusfrost:
Creepypastas are the campfire tales of the internet. Horror stories spread through Reddit r/nosleep, forums and blogs, rather than word of mouth. Whether you believe these scary stories to be true or not is left to your own discretion and imagination.

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-This creepypasta is for entertainment purposes only-
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  • Durikke2


     5 days ago

    This one could have been a whole series!

  • Caroline Devlin

    Caroline Devlin

     5 days ago

    Me: Reads title
    Also me: What has Ariana Grande got to do with this creepypasta?

  • Black Rose

    Black Rose

     6 days ago

    Birth Of A Goddess sounds like a badass band name, it also reminds me how we humans are ants compared to the boots of the gods

  • keatsuki


     2 weeks ago +2

    The other staff aren't there "uh oh"
    Ushers the audience to their metal seats "uh oh"
    Guards put helmets snuggly on audiences head "uh oh"

  • Joshua Turner

    Joshua Turner

     3 weeks ago

    Mads Mickelson as Merrick

  • fumomo fumosarum

    fumomo fumosarum

     3 weeks ago


    She's 21

  • Jada Y

    Jada Y

     3 weeks ago

    The switch between past tense and simple present is absolutely annoying... (not directed at's just poor writing)

  • Hayden Hess

    Hayden Hess

     1 months ago

    I find this story oddly beautiful and tragic!

  • Deb Lloyd

    Deb Lloyd

     1 months ago

    Thank you :)

  • larlaify


     1 months ago

    I don't see where everyone is getting the incest vibe from. Could someone please explain?

  • Brian MacLeod

    Brian MacLeod

     1 months ago +1

    This is really, really bad. Like, I every possible cliche and cheesy line...

  • Shy Thalia

    Shy Thalia

     1 months ago

    "You'd have better luck convincing a crocodile to go vegan."
    Also, I'd like to be a goddess.
    Also, also, all hail Beatrice!

  • mstrblik


     1 months ago


  • Bop Cop

    Bop Cop

     2 months ago

    All she needed was seven human souls

  • Cannabis Dreams

    Cannabis Dreams

     2 months ago

    Unless she has blue hair and invisible pantsu, I'm good

  • Tea Kettle

    Tea Kettle

     2 months ago

    Praise be to the risen goddess she who was limp, and who now walks on the stars

  • Pop Tart Mall Shart

    Pop Tart Mall Shart

     2 months ago +1

    "oh, just put this helmet on, like this? should I ask why you and your buddies don't have one? should I ask if this project has any oversight or follows any regs? should I ask why I, a professional with years of adhering to scientific ethics, am blindly obeying all your orders with no explanation to a T?

  • Jax Paradize

    Jax Paradize

     2 months ago

    Is this a rip off of Mr Creeps?!!!

  • Podlodial Gilap

    Podlodial Gilap

     2 months ago +2

    one or two simple generators would be enough instead of killing so many people ..jeez , call a technician for ur experiments

  • Luanna Martz

    Luanna Martz

     2 months ago +2

    Oh how I yearn for a love like that. A love so strong that someone would risk it all to make me whole. Beautiful.