Published on: Saturday, June 1, 2019


Anthony Joshua confirms he will exercise the rematch clause in his contract following his shocking defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr in New York.
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  • enzo


     1 days ago

    Sporty friends on YOU TUBE you can see the interview that AJ granted immediately after the deadline with Ruiz "ANTHONY JOSHUA REACTS TO SHOCKING DEFEAT AT THE HANDS OF ANDY RUIZ JR!" take a good look at the interview, AJ's face is perfect, there is no sign of struggle, in his eyes there is no sign of defeat, no KO of any trace, so dear sporting friends all this makes you think? generally a heavy weight after a hard KO is carried away by the red cross, while Joshua there he is, in perfect shape and it seems that the interview was recorded before the match not after, so AJ must prepare well and much more seriously than last match with Ruiz whom let's face the truth is an honest worker of the ring who will certainly not go down in history for his class, for his style. Antony must return to his place and resume his journey, Ruiz was just an accident on his way. I have read many comments from sports journalists, organizers and great boxing champions, all nonsense, all nonsense, AJ is something else and will prove it.

  • Nad Mahmood

    Nad Mahmood

     3 days ago +1

    Bro good job it wasn’t wilder u would end up in hospital bro

  • Otis Ritchie

    Otis Ritchie

     4 days ago


  • morbey2011


     1 months ago

    Aj was boxing slow and boring only throwing a jab here and there. Ruiz was the aggressor in that fight and deserved to win

  • Vivek Sreedharan

    Vivek Sreedharan

     1 months ago

    Thats a true fighter. Gracious in his defeat. This humility makes you a champion.

  • mo Gabriel

    mo Gabriel

     2 months ago

    As a fat person 🙏 thank you ruiz

  • wildhorse78


     2 months ago

    Aj shall learn a lesson. When you first decide to go all in to knock down your opponent really early in the round. You have to be sure you will knock him out. If you dont. You/AJ he gas out. Both against Klitscko and Ruiz. Against Klitscko AJ go all in and gong ho with around 2.50 left. Could knock KL out. AJ gas out. KL was close to knock out AJ. If KL had more and energy, and could hit AJ more clean at the end of round 5, because AJ was already so tired, after his explosive swings, around 1 minute left of round 5. Aj hands were down and he was unsteady. If KL could land a hard clean punch then, AJ would be knock down. And AJ was still tired in the round 6 and get knock down.

    Against Ruiz. Round 3 AJ knock Ruiz down really early. Then like against KL. Ruiz got aggressive and with a lot of time left. Again AJ gas out and was tired. And got knock down twice.

    So my advice to AJ. He use to gas out if he goes all in and free open fight early in the round. Be sure to knock him out. Or better. Save the close fight and all in, explosive when it is around minute left. If you dont knock your opponents out. They will not have a chance to come back and bite and knock you down. Its too risky to go all in to early, then your opponents will come back and bite you. AJ couldnt even had his hands to protect him when he was gas out against KLi. So again, from 1 minute left to 20/10 seconds left. Its the less risky time to go all in. Closest time to the break, if you cant knock them down. If you dont know how much time it is left, your team could give you a sign. Or you get a feeling when it is 1 minute - 40 seconds left.

    Big muscle boxer gas out quicker. It is like 100 metres runner. Its explosive, but on a long distance. A 400 metres runner will last it longer. Why AJ use to gas out while he use to go all in really early in the rounds. So watch both highlights of Ruiz and Klit matches. See when he knock both down, he gas out and both Ruiz abd KL gave him big trouble. At the last half and end of the round. But lucky for AJ. Even he was still tired in round 6 against KL. AJ recover the energy and power back. But maybe KL wasnt as aggresive like Ruiz. So Aj could recover. But again. Be smart and tactical with the time too. Never let or give your opponents to hit you back in the same round. You need the break, to recover. Mine best advice and tips.

  • Tokyo Drift

    Tokyo Drift

     2 months ago

    Usyk will KO Joshua

  • Kalas Atwater

    Kalas Atwater

     2 months ago

    Come on upload the replay of the fight with sky sports narration

  • Abdul


     3 months ago

    Show off he got his ass kicked big time mate show off ass hole



     3 months ago

    AJ had no opportunity to use PEDs and Steroids in the US hence why he lost

  • Ahson Khan

    Ahson Khan

     3 months ago

    If they can't box how did he beat you then

  • 24/7 Gaming

    24/7 Gaming

     3 months ago +2

    “It’s ok i know your emotional”

  • ARVINDER Chatha

    ARVINDER Chatha

     3 months ago

    He's a shameless creature soled out by BIG BOOKIES

  • SwiftlessYT Vlogs

    SwiftlessYT Vlogs

     3 months ago

    Joshua: I’ll stop the Drake curse

    Interviewer: What went wrong?


  • claudio piola

    claudio piola

     4 months ago

    Finally Eddie Hearn and Matthew Constatinou were made, respectively managers of Joshua and Ruiz found the agreement .. the meeting will take place in November .. Constantinou has made it known that Ruiz jr. he is not willing to give his revenge in England as the food sucks and the burritos do not match the American ones. Therefore the meeting will take place at MCdonald's in New York and also at Ruiz jr. has requested in the contract the supply of fettuccine Alfredo for a year.

  • Kidlat


     4 months ago

    Fucking Drake did it again.

  • gregory small

    gregory small

     4 months ago

    A new trainer is needed asap , Look at what Mr Haney is doing working with different trainers , Mr crack head can not do no more for you . Change before its to late , You are going to be like mr Price .

  • gregory small

    gregory small

     4 months ago

    Anthony your team was very weak , That is why you lost , You did loads of things wrong in this fight , To many to mention .

  • Gareth


     4 months ago

    Ruiz fucked up Joshua's head by making him think that Ruiz was some gentle fat guy. Joshua's team were fucking naive idiots. They don't have enough of a leash on Joshua's care-free attitude. Disappointing. Joshua doesn't take being champion seriously anymore since he has all the money in the world. Proof that he doesn't truly care about legacy or else he would've shown more heart and carried on fighting.