JennaMarbles: Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really

Published on: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really


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  • Gunning King

    Gunning King

     59 minutes ago

    You need spray paint on a white base coat before you dip them.

  • Skylar Laidman

    Skylar Laidman

     1 hours ago

    Try putting a seal on them they sell in with the spray point at most stores it will keep the from cracking

  • Yasmine Afifi

    Yasmine Afifi

     2 hours ago

    Do a whole video of just spray painting random items glow in the dark

  • sharshey


     5 hours ago

    i feel like you need to prep the surface with some kinda texture spray and then also seal them

  • Jade Frost

    Jade Frost

     7 hours ago

    8:19 when my mom talks about my brother then at 8:21 when she talks about me

  • kim hilderbrand

    kim hilderbrand

     8 hours ago

    Please Marko help Jenna out

  • Brinst


     10 hours ago

    Jenna is just amazing

  • Abby Morrison

    Abby Morrison

     10 hours ago

    Needs a primer honey!! You can do this

  • Jystice


     11 hours ago

    Babe you got to seal it in with the clear coat. Its like a nice thick glossy taco! It keeps your crocs looking fab

  • Sierra Scott

    Sierra Scott

     11 hours ago

    you gotta put some kind of top coat on it maybe?

  • Alexandra Sutika

    Alexandra Sutika

     12 hours ago

    Dude. When they glowed in the dark I was so jacked.

  • kathy liu

    kathy liu

     12 hours ago

    12:58 Julian trying to get out of the friend zone. Solid effort

  • Bia Santos

    Bia Santos

     13 hours ago

    Jennaaa try nail polish works! ❤️

  • Leeanna Breyette

    Leeanna Breyette

     13 hours ago

    Please find more things to dip it’s so fun to watch

  • Murry Moon

    Murry Moon

     13 hours ago

    Try enamel spray paint. The kind of paint that adheres to cars. Should stay on!

  • Lyssa’s Vibes

    Lyssa’s Vibes

     14 hours ago

    You could of possibly used sand paper beforehand to make texture for the paint to stick to

  • Lauren Weber

    Lauren Weber

     15 hours ago +1

    There were glow in the dark crocs (they were limited edition, and I have them) they are amazing and came with a black light! I love crocs sm!

  • peytonmae_vt


     15 hours ago

    when jenna has 728273 pairs of crocs honestly i wish

  • Walrus Rider

    Walrus Rider

     16 hours ago

    Is it possible they need some kind of base coat??

  • Jem Huddsan

    Jem Huddsan

     18 hours ago