Tasty: I Baked A Cake Using 30 Hacks In A Row


Published on: Friday, December 6, 2019

I Baked A Cake Using 30 Hacks In A Row

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Source: https://youtu.be/AXG8vZmNuaE

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  • AYSHA Rida

    AYSHA Rida

     50 minutes ago

    Showing hack #28 to EXO!

  • DonxBenji


     7 hours ago +1


  • The Lowest Point

    The Lowest Point

     8 hours ago

    Did I just hear RIE MCLENNY say SAVE THE TURTLES

  • Don't subscribe To me plzzz

    Don't subscribe To me plzzz

     10 hours ago +1


  • Robert Pendell

    Robert Pendell

     12 hours ago

    I've seen the bottle trick used for egg separation. I know it can work. I think you just had bad luck with it. With that said yea... using a shell to do it is better or use your hands.

  • Vydonis


     20 hours ago

    "Egg Hack" is not a hack. Air gets in from the mucus from the egg layer to cover to porous (the egg has air holes) outer layer from letting air in. This is near the end of the hatching period when the occupant needs to breathe and the egg loses its wetness(part of its durability like a carrot going floppy)... If there's air in there, the egg starts growing microbes that eat the nutrients inside and makes gasses and other bad stuff for us. Air inside makes it float or turn its narrow "tip" upright underwater. The diameter of the cup should exceed the length of the egg laying sideways. If its stands, cook it through. If it lays sideways cook it sunny side up. If it starts to float AT ALL throw it away. (as in, it takes more than 1 second to come back down after bouncing on the bottom) -- Egg mucus is washed off on chicken eggs and replaced with a factory replacement because feces gets on the egg during the egg laying process (EDIT: the mucus keeps the feces out btw before they're washed)...

  • Renjun’s big Moonmin

    Renjun’s big Moonmin

     1 days ago

    Yolk separating using a plastic bottle actually works well
    You have squeeze the bottle before putting it in the mixture the get the yolk out

  • Gopa Manna

    Gopa Manna

     1 days ago

    RIE the hair-drier hack works in chocolate cakes while your one is not.



     1 days ago

    Her accent is cute lol

  • Rebekka Roch

    Rebekka Roch

     1 days ago

    If the egg didn't float, you could still eat it (as long as it smells normally). Just because it's expired, doesn't mean you can't eat it anymore!

  • Colby K

    Colby K

     2 days ago

    Any other channel I watched (that isn't 5 minute crafts ofc) successfully used the egg and water bottle and it worked.

  • ItzGalaxyGamer - Roblox Roleplays

    ItzGalaxyGamer - Roblox Roleplays

     2 days ago

    There is actually a special liquid for keeping the cake moist.

  • TheRedGuyYT Roblox And More

    TheRedGuyYT Roblox And More

     2 days ago

    For is so pure

  • leouua


     2 days ago

    can we get subtittles? she is lovelly but I just can’t understand what she says

  • Sarah Winkler

    Sarah Winkler

     3 days ago

    The egg one works! If the egg is bad it will float, if fresh it‘ll sink right to the ground and if it‘s a bit older it will still touch the ground but be bit more floaty if you know what I mean?

  • Lily Kiendel

    Lily Kiendel

     3 days ago

    Since when is a crumb-coat a hack? Doesn't pretty much every professional baker do that?

  • Tori Z

    Tori Z

     3 days ago

    I believe the hair dryer thing is for fondant, not a regular buttercream frosting.

  • Umiyma Messaoudi

    Umiyma Messaoudi

     3 days ago

    "Why do people not like moist " 😂😂

  • mevr jansen

    mevr jansen

     4 days ago

    I always use a waterbottle for splitsing eggs it works perfect for me

  • ISuki Shotas

    ISuki Shotas

     4 days ago

    I found the reason why most people don't like the word moist and it's mostly because some of us associate the word with bodily fluids like phlegm, mucus, and the like. To anyone who scrolled this far down into the comment section, there's your fact for the day!