Saturday Night Live: Elizabeth Warren Town Hall Cold Open - SNL


Published on: Saturday, November 2, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Town Hall Cold Open - SNL

Senator Elizabeth Warren (Kate McKinnon) attends an Iowa town hall where she takes questions about her run for president and defends her Medicare for All plan.

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  • Chris Clark

    Chris Clark

     1 days ago

    This isn't even funny.

  • miragexl007


     2 days ago

    lol...and They think/feel Trump is a piece of lying, fake, sht. on that board of cutting military/military benefits They forgot....Warren is going to tax the sht out of the wealthy....oh, and everyone else especially the upper middle class.

  • Hilla Katz

    Hilla Katz

     3 days ago +1

    "Let me know how my dust tastes" I lost it!!!

  • JC Wood

    JC Wood

     4 days ago

    Anyone remember when this show was funny? Me neither.

  • Barbra Mighall

    Barbra Mighall

     5 days ago

    Kate McKinnon isn't ugly enough to play that Warren.

  • Rebel Donkey

    Rebel Donkey

     6 days ago

    Oh go to hell omg xD

  • Cameron Hodgetts

    Cameron Hodgetts

     1 weeks ago +1

    "The government is a little like Amazon Prime. You want to reap the benefits, you have to pay a monthly fee. And that's called taxes." I think everyone in the world needs to be told this.

  • Uncle Fjester

    Uncle Fjester

     1 weeks ago

    Does Warren own more than 3 outfits? Its always the black jumpsuit & red blue or green jacket. Hasnt changed in 8 years. Google it!

  • D VL

    D VL

     1 weeks ago +1

    She's the best thing on SNL in a really long time.

  • Tanya Chavis

    Tanya Chavis

     1 weeks ago

    She has Elizabeth Warren down! Awesome! I love it!

  • Annsley Green

    Annsley Green

     1 weeks ago

    Careful, that's my kink 🤣

  • Tylan Mccollum

    Tylan Mccollum

     1 weeks ago

    Amazon offsets taxes .. by supplying jobs for a community .. Make a choice .. Only pick one .
    . Jobs or taxes ??.. if you pick taxes .... How will you pay them without a Job ??

  • Tylan Mccollum

    Tylan Mccollum

     1 weeks ago

    Love this ..... Funny chit

  • James Christensen

    James Christensen

     1 weeks ago

    8 years of Kate McKinnon, that's all I ask.

  • harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

    harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

     1 weeks ago

    She is perfect

  • Margaret


     1 weeks ago

    Trump may win on the economy alone.

  • Peter Steven s

    Peter Steven s

     1 weeks ago

    She's got the spastic body motions down cold.

  • Noone Peter

    Noone Peter

     1 weeks ago

    "My plan favors [Biden's] in that it exists." ROFLMAO



     1 weeks ago

    How good does Cecily Look!!!!

  • A Snowflake

    A Snowflake

     2 weeks ago +6

    You’re insurance is like a bad boyfriend...

    So true. My teeth hurt too.