Landon McCoy: We Sent a GoPro to SPACE! | Full Footage

Published on: Monday, May 14, 2018

We Sent a GoPro to SPACE! | Full Footage


After a year of planning, designing, and preparation, we, the Engineering Club at Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, FL, have FINALLY released our high-altitude weather balloon! It traveled a total of 90,000ft (~28,000m) into the atmosphere, capturing stunning views of near-space with the on-board GoPro. With the help of a Spot Gen3 GPS tracker included in our payload, we found it in St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Wakulla County, FL--a full 100 miles (160km) from Gulf Coast State College where we launched it from!

So many people contributed their time to making this launch possible, so we want to thank all the groups and people involved below:
-The Rangers out at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge (without them, we would have never gotten this footage that you're seeing now!)
-Gulf Coast State College (especially Tony, Alan, and Brandon!)
-The entire AHS Engineering Club
-Joseph Bell (Engineering and Math teacher as well as head of the Engineering Club!)

Below are notable times throughout the video:
- 0:00:00 (Launch, obviously :D)
- 1:50:00 (Panama City Beach, FL)
- 1:50:34 (St. Marks Wildlife Refuge + more)
- 1:50:58 (Landmarks in GA, AL, and FL)
- 1:55:45 (Balloon bursting point)
- 2:34:00 (Landing)

We are planning on creating a full video outlining the design process, set up, launch, and retrieval of the balloon as well (that isn't 2 1/2 hours long), so stay tuned for that! If you liked this video, make sure you hit that "like" button and subscribe for more!


1) Due to the influx of comments asking about the fisheye lens or flat Earth, I will address that here. Yes, we know we used a fisheye lens instead of a regular one, but we were not concerned with proving that the Earth isn't flat. We just wanted a very wide view from 90,000ft, and figured fisheye was the best lens to go with considering we had never done anything like this before and already know that the Earth obviously isn't flat (but we'll leave that debate in the comments). Side note: we actually planned on having two GoPros capture footage, one with a standard lens on one side and another with wide angle turned on on the other side. Because we had never done this before we accidentally let some of our helium leak out of the canister while inflating, so we prematurely ran out of helium before hitting our target lift. In order to compensate, we had to reduce the weight, removing one GoPro (the regular lens bc that GoPro was heavier), and the 3D printed Tesla Roadster that we were going to send up as well. Even with these setbacks and kinks we still considered this launch very successful since we were able to accurately predict where it would land, got good footage back, hit our target altitude, and had a lot of fun in the process!

2) I will also address the "smudge" on the camera lens. Although it appears as though someone got fingerprints on the camera lens and we just let that slide after a year of planning, that's completely incorrect. After getting everything set up and ready for launch, the box tipped over due to heavy wind and the camera lens hit the concrete, permanently scratching it. We knew the lens was scratched before launch but we didn't have time to find a new camera and replace it, due to custom 3D printed mounts that we had designed and printed specifically to the dimensions of each camera. However, the smudge really isn't that bad and we are still extraordinarily happy with the footage!

3) Yes, we know that 90,000ft (about 28km) technically isn't space. The Karman line (most agreed upon line for space) technically starts at 100km up, but the line where space starts doesn't have an official recognized starting point anyway, since technically Earth's atmosphere extends for thousands of miles into space. Disregarding the Karman line, our balloon still reached an altitude that was above 99 percent of Earth's atmosphere, at a temperature of -77°F and a pressure so low your blood would begin to boil at body temperature, so we consider it close enough to space for our concerns 😉.


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  • Marc Shepherd

    Marc Shepherd

     6 hours ago

    Proves these students are part of a worldwide conspiracy to fake everyone into thinking the earth is round!!! 😏

  • FireBeastGirl


     22 hours ago

    Wait wait....

    How the hell did you got the go pro when its falling down???!
    And how did the ballon didn't pop what the hell😑🤔

  • kuldip dhuna

    kuldip dhuna

     1 days ago +1

    Dayum I just watched the whole video

    No I didn’t

  • dubenstein


     1 days ago

    It's really a beautiful planet when you see it from this perspective. Thanks for the filming



     1 days ago


  • jack murphy

    jack murphy

     2 days ago

    It might be fake it would take a week

  • MaDawg Media Entertainment

    MaDawg Media Entertainment

     2 days ago

    I didnt know the earth was concave lmao!!!!

  • Fat Roberto

    Fat Roberto

     2 days ago +1

    Flat Earth morons, it is not the curved horizon that is important, that is because a GoPro has a fish eye lens. It is the fact that as the balloon gets higher the horizon moves further way. That proves that the Earth is curved. More than that, you can see with your own eyes that the atmosphere is not enclosed in any sort of dome. When the balloon is high enough the sky turns black, because most of the atmosphere is below it, no longer refracting the Sun's light and turning the sky blue. A high school kid can understand the implications of these observations. How dumb are you, if you can't?

  • Joel Garcia

    Joel Garcia

     4 days ago

    Besides wondering how they found the GoPro. I wonder what city/county they found it in ?!

  • Joel Garcia

    Joel Garcia

     4 days ago +3

    Send up a 360° camera next. I want to stare into the dark abyss.
    Anyone agree ?

  • T Mst

    T Mst

     4 days ago

    2:00:40: Sounds like a man and woman are talking. Or having sex. Maybe the angels are horny, too.

  • T Mst

    T Mst

     4 days ago

    Pretty cool. Too bad about the smudge on the lens. Some instrumentation such as an altimeter and compass would have been very nice.

  • dragonkeeperjoe81


     4 days ago

    if you believe in globe science, then you have to believe in this Coriolis effect. which states the earth spins below airborne objects. the earth is supposedly spinning 1000mph. at 90,000 ft approximately the same altitude as astronauts make space walks, why do we see no spin going on here? this balloon probably came down not far from where it was launched, i am assuming.

  • northmountainfilms


     4 days ago


  • dragonkeeperjoe81


     4 days ago

    wide angle lens, also known as a fish eyed lens shows false curvature, which is laughably easy to see, from the moment the balloon is let go, and remains consistent til it falls back to earth. next time use a normal camera lens thx.

  • dragonkeeperjoe81


     4 days ago

    Jenny a wide angle lens on a go pro show consistent curvature from ground level, up. so no this is not proof the earth is a globe. use a normal lens then tell us when the curvature becomes apparent .

  • MIKEY MIKE 2019

    MIKEY MIKE 2019

     4 days ago

    I'm going to time lapse this full video on my channel , anyone wanna watch it?
    I'll try to put it on the projector theater room wall?.

  • The RC Maga’s

    The RC Maga’s

     5 days ago

    It’s amazing how many people on here look at this and say it’s spherical when it is so clear it’s a fish eye lens lol and right when they let it go u can clearly see that in the very beginning of the video at like 30 feet up

  • Jay Beezy

    Jay Beezy

     5 days ago

    Fantastic job, thanks for putting this together and much success.......

  • BoDean 226

    BoDean 226

     6 days ago

    Anybody else skippin trough da video