Can a Car Window Break Your Finger?

William Osman: Can a Car Window Break Your Finger?


Published on: Thursday, May 30, 2019

Can a Car Window Break Your Finger?

Not sure how much real science happened, but with pretty high confidence I suggest not crushing your finger in a car window.

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Papers referenced:
"Can Wood be used as a Bio-mechanical Substitute for Bone during Evaluation of Surgical Machining Tools?" - Andrew Naylor
"Finger injuries caused by power-operated windows of motor vehicles: An experimental cadaver study." - Hohendorff


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  • Kittsuera


     27 minutes ago

    the icecream machine likely "breaks" because it keeps the icecream too cold and it gets hard and clogs the nozzle. /just a guess.

  • T8


     29 minutes ago

    The ice cream machines are never* actually broken, it's just masking the fact that they need to be cleaned.
    Reason being is to stop people getting mad upset.

    *They can break but hardly ever

  • Z4ND3RRR


     45 minutes ago

    It’s not the same there’s no muscles

  • Glitch The Deer

    Glitch The Deer

     46 minutes ago +1

    me liveing in the middle of the country with nothing to do: BRB

    Edit: On a 1999 Grand Marquis You won't lose your finger it just hurts like fuc

  • Hector Doyle

    Hector Doyle

     51 minutes ago

    It's more likely to dislocate your finger or even break the window. Your finger won't break but for sure hurt a lot. It definitely be bruised.

  • Mr. Cadaver

    Mr. Cadaver

     2 hours ago

    You could make a mold of your 🥖

  • lil' Azoidoid

    lil' Azoidoid

     2 hours ago

    You should sharpen the glass

  • Cherry Quartz And Larimar

    Cherry Quartz And Larimar

     3 hours ago +3

    “Did you know you can buy real human bones on the internet”

    Yeah, it’s called the dark web

  • Koncisfu


     3 hours ago

    i just found out how dildos are made.

  • Cherry Quartz And Larimar

    Cherry Quartz And Larimar

     3 hours ago +1

    Why wasting the carrots and banana

  • Trey Parker

    Trey Parker

     3 hours ago


  • hi


     3 hours ago

    I actually got my finger stuck in a window and nothing happened

  • It’s a me Wario

    It’s a me Wario

     4 hours ago

    So like I crushed my finger in a car window, It wasn’t an American car so it did have a sensor but not the most sensitive one, I was like 6 and it hurt like hell but my finger didn’t break in the short time until the car sensor realized my finger was dying, the reason I did it cause I was bored and curious if I had strong fingers and I didn’t expect it to hurt that much. Boy was I wrong

  • Hank Poer

    Hank Poer

     4 hours ago

    My neck got stuck in a car window and nothing happend

  • Opcelo


     5 hours ago

    I’ve done it before it doesn’t break your finger

  • TL.Studios


     8 hours ago +1

    In Germany we save the kids.
    Amerocan cars are so scary.

  • StarStruck Games

    StarStruck Games

     8 hours ago

    Thanks to this video i will never sit near a cars window

  • Trinity


     8 hours ago

    this happened to me when I was 4 but somehow my finger survived lmao

  • Aperture


     12 hours ago

    Mazda: Making instant Japanese finger slicers since Hiroshima.

  • ThugChicken Gaming

    ThugChicken Gaming

     13 hours ago

    3:20 Well I don't want to piss through out my car's window anymore