MrBeast: Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws

Published on: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws

We spent 24 hours straight in slab city, aka the city with no laws.

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  • MrBeast


     6 months ago +143147

    Today is my birthday, subscribe plz

  • Tusk Channel

    Tusk Channel

     14 seconds ago

    You dont need straps in life

    -Chris 2019

  • Jelly Fish

    Jelly Fish

     13 minutes ago

    Maybe Trevor lives there

    \_(ツ)_/¯ 🥴

  • Chandos Bookkeeping

    Chandos Bookkeeping

     5 hours ago

    I lie did

  • The most Random channel

    The most Random channel

     5 hours ago

    Knife guy

  • Tripp Whitesides

    Tripp Whitesides

     6 hours ago

    I subed. Plz do a vid where you shoot legos with 50cal

  • Eric Staley

    Eric Staley

     6 hours ago

    I'm sorry did he meet Rainey Burres?

  • Emma Froman

    Emma Froman

     6 hours ago

    every thing is touchable.does that mean your dick is touchable?

  • isaac zechel

    isaac zechel

     8 hours ago

    You are my favourite you tubers

  • Wolfiegamer360


     8 hours ago

    Gets rapped** of my bad hold on gets rapped , legally of course

  • Gabriel Jimenez

    Gabriel Jimenez

     9 hours ago

    Lucky they didn’t get robbed

  • Sean Weske

    Sean Weske

     11 hours ago

    At 3:01 it said Chris twice

  • 1911 Maxter

    1911 Maxter

     12 hours ago

    0:22 GTA 5!!!!

  • Caleb Greenwald

    Caleb Greenwald

     12 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that for garret it said chris

  • Gacha Donut

    Gacha Donut

     13 hours ago +2

    00:00 do yo see that the earth is OVAL?..

  • Sarra Maamri

    Sarra Maamri

     15 hours ago

    Christopher McCandless stayed there!

  • Tyla's Channel

    Tyla's Channel

     15 hours ago +2

    Doesn’t anyone realize that if there are no laws in a city the crime rate is zero?

  • Gabriel Marbordo Kosta

    Gabriel Marbordo Kosta

     16 hours ago

    why is nobody talking about the

    no electricity but open mic with band and electric guitars and so

  • Rockstar123 456

    Rockstar123 456

     16 hours ago +1

    Dang when did jimmy play baseball

  • Deedee Mantis

    Deedee Mantis

     18 hours ago