CreepsMcPasta: "In The Absence of A Name" Creepypasta


Published on: Tuesday, November 26, 2019

"In The Absence of A Name" Creepypasta

What's my name again?
CREEPYPASTA STORY►by thinkpink31011:
Creepypastas are the campfire tales of the internet. Horror stories spread through Reddit r/nosleep, forums and blogs, rather than word of mouth. Whether you believe these scary stories to be true or not is left to your own discretion and imagination.

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-This creepypasta is for entertainment purposes only-
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  • Ashly Elsea

    Ashly Elsea

     1 days ago

    Candy man can

  • makeanewchronoplz


     2 days ago

    Okay so what the hell happened was the sister a monster did she die and because she died without him knowing her name?

  • Jose Cuevas

    Jose Cuevas

     1 months ago


  • wtf iswrongwithher

    wtf iswrongwithher

     1 months ago

    I. Don't. Get. It. can someone please explain?

  • Zombiekiller707


     1 months ago +2

    Soooo his sister mutated into some random telepathic creature because he (who only met her three times in his life) didn't know her name?! Like you're older you held him as a baby and played with him in your room when he was talking age. YOU never went "I'm * insert name here* your big sister." ?!
    Okay like you never introduced yourself, you turning into a bridge troll is on you. 🤷
    Don't come sneaky snaking into my fu*king bedroom talking in riddles. Move on with that crap.

  • Super nova

    Super nova

     1 months ago +1


  • Super nova

    Super nova

     1 months ago +1


  • Super nova

    Super nova

     1 months ago


  • Person


     1 months ago

    The narrator is a girl.. The lesson here is for the father to be forgotten like he forgot her sister. The disappearing act in the end was when both the sister and the father faded away. It's the father's name that's kept shut in the mind.
    Maybe the killed him or something as she was standing at the end if it all whereas she was lying on the bed at the start.

  • Afrika


     1 months ago

    Man this one is less scary and more just, sad

  • Confy lizard

    Confy lizard

     1 months ago +1

    6:48 FUCKING HELL THAT SCARED ME,I draw while I lisen to you videos and I stoped shadeing and becouse of the abience noise it was like the sound of my pencil scratching the paper didnt stoped.

  • Witch Flowers

    Witch Flowers

     1 months ago

    “Back when people still kept physical photo albums”... uhhh, pardon?

  • Stars are balls of fire

    Stars are balls of fire

     1 months ago

    I feel a type of sadness.

  • Patience Zero

    Patience Zero

     1 months ago


  • rosedarktower 1977

    rosedarktower 1977

     1 months ago

    Doesn't happen often but that story just went "over my head and under my feet".

  • Hermze Dead

    Hermze Dead

     1 months ago


  • It’s just kip

    It’s just kip

     1 months ago

    Atleast the thing has a very kind introduction I’d say

    They seem very polite

  • Tory Johnston

    Tory Johnston

     1 months ago

    Who tf doesn’t tell a kid their sibling’s name and what kind of kid goes 12 years without asking??

  • Adan Druego

    Adan Druego

     1 months ago

    When your sister is your sister.
    When your sister is your mother.
    When your parents are your grandparents.
    And your older brother and sister are actually mommy and daddy. Awkward...
    When you're a time traveler... awkward... but the cool kind like SciFi cool... with phasers.

  • Adan Druego

    Adan Druego

     1 months ago

    Back when your childhood included cellphones.
    Back when your childhood didn't include cellphones