What critics are saying about Jumanji: The Next Level

  • Published on:  Friday, November 22, 2019
  • The Jumanji franchise is apparently taking action-comedy to... well, it's right there in the title.

    The third film in the series, Jumanji: The Next Level, has screened for critics, and while they're not yet allowed to pen formal reviews, many of them have taken to social media to offer their praise. Singled out for heaping helpings of accolades is Kevin Hart, who spent much of the sequel channeling Danny Glover.

    If that sounds confusing, here's a little backstory.

    The 1995 classic Jumanji dealt with the plight of two children who play a jungle-themed board game that unleashes its hazards on the real world as they play and who soon discover that it's possible to get physically sucked into the game.

    The 2017 sequel Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle expanded the original film's lore by morphing Jumanji into a video game. Four teens find themselves not only transported into the game's world, but transformed into its avatars: Dwayne Johnson's Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Jack Black's Professor Sheldon Oberon, Kevin Hart's Franklin "Mouse" Finbar, and Karen Gillan's Ruby Roundhouse.

    Jumanji: The Next Level finds the teens forced to once again jump back into the game along with one character's grandfather, played by Danny Devito, and grandfather's friend, played by Danny Glover. The two old folks are involuntarily brought along for the ride and assigned the avatars of Bravestone and Finbar.

    Critics who took to Twitter to offer up their assessments of the flick were near-unanimous in claiming that Jumanji: The Next Level is absolutely a worthy sequel and Hart totally nailing the well-known mannerisms of Glover was roundly considered to be a highlight.

    As Sean O'Connell of CinemaBlend wrote,

    "[Jumanji: The Next Level] has some huge surprises and introduces a LOT of story that's fun to explore. The best reason to go back into the game? [Kevin Hart] channeling Danny Glover. That joke kept making me laugh long and hard!"

    TV personality Tara Hitchcock concurred, writing,

    "Hard 2 top [Jack Black] as a teenage girl in the last [Jumanji] film, but [Kevin Hart] as Danny Glover DOES IT! Omg I could listen 2 him tell me the backstory of wild animals all day!" Keep watching the video to see what critics are saying about Jumanji: The Next Level

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