Looper: The Horrifying Ending Of The Perfection Explained


Published on: Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Horrifying Ending Of The Perfection Explained

Netflix's latest horror hit is thrilling viewers even as it challenges the audience to figure out what the heck is actually happening. From blades to bugs and that wild final act, here's our breakdown of what it all means in the ending of The Perfection. Spoilers ahead!

The Perfection's story is told in fragments presented out of order. That first becomes clear when we see Charlotte and Lizzie's trip through China first through Lizzie's eyes, drugged and without context, and then from Charlotte's perspective.

Telling the story this way was a risky move for director Richard Shepard and company, but non-traditional story structure has paid off in the past for movies like Reservoir Dogs and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind films for which planting uncertainty in the audience leads to a satisfying payoff and makes trying to guess what's going on part of the fun.

The Perfection adds to this by attaching that uncertainty to what should be a pretty simple question in a horror picture: who's the monster here? It's only as the story nears its violent climax that we truly understand that the real monster is Anton, head of the Bachoff Academy.

The events of The Perfection may feature a ton of twists and narrative shifts, but the action and horror is all part of the journey to the end.

A decade after leaving Bachoff Academy, Charlotte is still trying to deal with the damage done to her at the school. From the start, we get the impression that this woman has unresolved, possibly dangerous mental issues. Keep watching the video to see the horrifying ending of The Perfection explained!

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Scrambled story | 0:15
A tangled web | 1:03
The final twist | 2:18
Duet | 2:53
Modern metaphor | 3:43
Misdirection | 4:30
Musical cues | 5:22

Source: https://youtu.be/MNiMA__pSo4

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  • Looper


     7 months ago +30

    Overall what did you think? Do you think the movie lived up to the buzz surrounding it?

  • Trier Buhrsmith

    Trier Buhrsmith

     1 months ago +1

    Anyone who has seen any other psychological thriller (i.e.: Black Swan, The Invitation, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Midsommar, Goodnight Mommy etc.) can fully agree that this movie is complete garbage in comparison - and even without comparison, is a poorly acted, convoluted and messy movie on all fronts. This is absolutely not worth watching to anyone who values film - whether for its story, acting or cinematography.

  • Julianna H5782

    Julianna H5782

     2 months ago

    I was only confused about charlotte losing her arm... Did she lose it in the fight? Take it off in sisterhood lol??

  • Hin Heen M

    Hin Heen M

     3 months ago

    Just making China look primitive and dirty ... typical of the west

  • Brett Pulley

    Brett Pulley

     4 months ago

    This was not a horror movie, just more of the same old man hating WAMAN power nonsense of the modern day shit show we call humanity.

  • Snow Winters

    Snow Winters

     6 months ago +1

    For a second there at the end, I thought the were SEWN together.

  • prettyncali23


     6 months ago

    Horrible movie... the beginning was ok ... the middle and end half was bullshit ... I had high hopes... She drugged her with hallucinogenics that probably could’ve killed ... convinced her to cut off her hand... covered her wound but left her for dead... then left ... then said she did her a favor.... horrible

  • sᴏs


     6 months ago

    I’m never watching this

  • xdarkdreamsx


     6 months ago +1

    Love this movie, many plot twists, but doesn't need an explanation. It was easy to understand imo. Very original unlike other horror films. Funnily enough just watched it after "Get Out" and didn't realize it was the same actress till I looked it up! Bitches be crazy lol.

  • allybean


     6 months ago

    Great trailer would have never guessed it made the movie better not seeing so much in the trailer.

  • Steve


     6 months ago

    I don't know how they managed to heal up and miracally stetch up their arms while passing out etc at the end. :/

  • Candy Iris

    Candy Iris

     7 months ago

    Idk I wasnt feelin the movie....

  • Jake Schmell

    Jake Schmell

     7 months ago

    The movie was extremely amateurish and unsophisticated. Utter crap.

  • Shay A

    Shay A

     7 months ago

    This movie was great!!!

  • Luna Wayne

    Luna Wayne

     7 months ago

    I liked the movie :)

  • Adrian Martan

    Adrian Martan

     7 months ago +1

    A brilliant soft-horror thriller.

  • Drew Patterson

    Drew Patterson

     7 months ago +1

    This movie and Us were both very boring imo. Way overhyped.

  • Serious citizen

    Serious citizen

     7 months ago

    The movie is sick. There is only one feeling that this movie tries to provoke: hate. Not a good experience.

  • babe


     7 months ago +67

    I love how the trailer gave nothing of the story away. i really hate when movies basically show the entire movie in a 3 minute trailer.

  • KT GE

    KT GE

     7 months ago +1

    The only part of the movie I had a problem with was Charlotte taking her wig off. It added nothing to the story and besides wouldn’t they have already known it was a wig when they dolled her up for her shackled solo?