Architectural Digest: Designer Details The Conversion of a West Village Apartment With a Floating Mezzanine


Published on: Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Designer Details The Conversion of a West Village Apartment With a Floating Mezzanine

Presented by Dyson | Designer Matt Berman takes us through the creative and clever design solutions that transformed this old Printing House apartment.

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Designer Details The Conversion of a West Village Apartment With a Floating Mezzanine


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  • Leo Joey

    Leo Joey

     2 hours ago

    damn he cute

  • carla cardenas

    carla cardenas

     3 hours ago

    Where is that blue couch from?

  • B L

    B L

     5 hours ago

    This is an amazing apartment and now I feel really poor.

  • Nora Viola

    Nora Viola

     1 days ago

    can you make more videos like this pls and thank you

  • Chelsea Scroggins

    Chelsea Scroggins

     1 days ago


  • Boe Dillard

    Boe Dillard

     1 days ago

    The owner has a huge library - a huge library of yellow books. Notice the yellow book covers - you could read the Cliff Notes for The Great Gatsby for Dummies or choose between Wine for Dummies or Sex for dummies.

  • M K

    M K

     1 days ago

    I would love to see more of this guy (Matt Berman) work and designs! This space is not only looking great, but also functions very well. Plus his delivery and explanations are amazing!

  • TJ


     2 days ago

    Oh...How do you make a 1000sqft apt looks bigger??? so you buy your neighbors' house and combine into 1. Great

  • raymond leon

    raymond leon

     2 days ago

    That Dyson table lamp

  • Adam Johnson

    Adam Johnson

     3 days ago +8

    "and a built-in media area"

    literally a flat screen on the wall

  • ho zhong hng

    ho zhong hng

     4 days ago

    Ermmmmm... Compressed spaces??? What???

  • Omar Inland

    Omar Inland

     4 days ago

    Amazing apartment, and some good ideas that everybody could copy (like dislay same color object on the shelves for making look like an art collection even random cheap toys, fun and cosy). I like almost everything, I personally had choosen the other mezzanine projet, the more simple one, more minimal/ industrial, but I undestrand the concept of something more organic and différent...
    Well now that I found the architect and the style I like.... I need to find the money for it....

  • TheSolipsist0


     5 days ago

    How to burn money. The design is to playful and inkonsinstent. You don‘t see/ get what you‘re paying for.

  • Spencer Wilton

    Spencer Wilton

     1 weeks ago

    Hate the way the mezzanine bisects the window, it looks clumsy and ill though out.

  • Racquel Castilla

    Racquel Castilla

     1 weeks ago

    You can remove the cover instead. To reveal the kitchen and the tv. Its complicated.

  • vina nair

    vina nair

     1 weeks ago

    This is the first house that i felt was truly modern right from the word start.An urban enterprise correctly fitted out furnished for comfort.Superbly executed interiors.Congratulations to the decorators.

  • Pauline Brandt

    Pauline Brandt

     1 weeks ago

    Greetings from the U.K.! Absolutely sublime - I was transfixed from the word go. So many points of learning. Of course one imagines a huge budget for this project, but I think there are principles you could incorporate at any price point. Great! More videos like this please :)



     1 weeks ago

    well thats an architect !!

  • pibells


     1 weeks ago

    Breathtakingly beautiful

  • Bun Chamrong

    Bun Chamrong

     1 weeks ago

    Suggesting more videos like this