Playing Affected: The Manor on Gear VR!

Landon McCoy: Playing Affected: The Manor on Gear VR!


Published on: Friday, June 10, 2016

Playing Affected: The Manor on Gear VR!

In this video, I play Affected: The Manor on the Gear VR. Although this isn't a gaming channel, I couldn't pass up the chance to finally play it for the first time! Be sure to listen out for my future videos, and if you want to make that easier for yourself, you should subscribe!

Intro Music: Turn It Up - Anikdote

I do apologize for the game audio being missing. The only way I could figure out how to record the gameplay was to use the video recorder built-in to the Gear VR software, and I didn't realize until the end that it doesn't record audio. I will have this sorted out if I do any more Gear VR games in the future (and I probably will)! Thanks for watching!


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  • Pancake Overload

    Pancake Overload

     2 years ago

    Dangit, i was waiting for a scream