BRIGHT SIDE: What If the Color Green Disappeared for 24 Hours


Published on: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

What If the Color Green Disappeared for 24 Hours

We’re so used to how colorful our world is, that we forget to appreciate the colors around us. Imagine what would happen if the most abundant color in nature suddenly disappeared? What would the world look like without green, and what would it mean for us to live without it?

What’s your favorite green colored thing in the world? Apples? Northern Lights? Comic books about The Incredible Hulk? Imagine if they all suddenly lose their color and become bland and grey. Would you enjoy these things as much after that?

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Meaning of the color green 1:06
Why dollars are green 2:50
Why green is avoided in the design of office buildings 5:05
Why green symbolizes envy 6:20
The color of the heart’s chakra 6:45

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- Green is one of the richest colors there are. It has the most variety of shades and tints among all the others.
- Green mixed with vibrant yellow will look fresh and juicy, but mix it with pale yellow and a little brown and it’ll look sickly and disturbing.
- Dark green is associated with wealth and reliability; but make it just a bit darker and it’ll be connected with greed and look militaristic.
- Green is associated with all movements that aim at preserving the ecology of our planet.
- If the emblem of some organization is green – you know immediately that it has something to do with recycling or environmental clean-up, or the preservation of endangered species.
- Being one of the most peaceful colors, it’s linked to reliability and safety. Lots of brands use this to their advantage.
- The green pigment used in bills has proved itself to be sturdier than others. It simply doesn’t wear off with time.
- With green come the feelings of a fresh start, peace, and calmness that balance out the red perfectly for everyone’s favorite time of the year.
- Green is so strongly associated with safety that, even before elementary school, we learn that a green traffic light means it’s safe to go.
- Pharmacies around the world also prefer to represent themselves with the help of shining green crosses. They’re immediately recognizable signs, making it easy to spot a drugstore at any time.
- Ever heard of ‘green with envy’? And if someone’s face has a greenish hue, it might be a clue about how this person feels today.
- Green also has a sacred meaning in traditional spiritual practices that have a lot to do with medicine and self-betterment. Like for example, yoga.
- According to this teaching, green is the color of the heart’s chakra, which is the main link between higher chakras based on meaningful and spiritual needs, and lower chakras that represent natural needs that are inevitable in human nature.

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  • Parth Kumar

    Parth Kumar

     5 days ago

    Yes I like black and white coulur

  • Thatbakagirl ThatLoafsCookiez

    Thatbakagirl ThatLoafsCookiez

     1 weeks ago

    What is the color green disappearing for a day

    Oh no anything but ThAt

  • Lehi Robertson

    Lehi Robertson

     1 weeks ago

    Me watching this in my brown skin

  • Benjiman N

    Benjiman N

     1 weeks ago

    Minecart creepers are green

  • Farha Mirza

    Farha Mirza

     1 weeks ago

    Me: sees title

    Also me: aww my fav color would be gone
    Edit: ans: I would die

  • Nora Pereira

    Nora Pereira

     1 weeks ago +1


    Bright side: wHat WoUld hAppeN if The ColOuR GreEn DisapPeaRed For 24 hOuRs

  • Kolpona Hossain

    Kolpona Hossain

     1 weeks ago

    What if brightside disappered? It would be cool to make a video on this topic

  • Kolpona Hossain

    Kolpona Hossain

     1 weeks ago

    People would loose their green eyes and lens

  • unicorn galaxy

    unicorn galaxy

     1 weeks ago

    Title: no green 24
    Sub's world: oh no! No!!!!



     2 weeks ago




     2 weeks ago

    No no no no no

  • pitterrior Games

    pitterrior Games

     2 weeks ago

    How many times did he say green 💚

  • Michelle Ward

    Michelle Ward

     2 weeks ago


  • Dhiren Oswal

    Dhiren Oswal

     2 weeks ago

    I'm from one follows traffic rules...all jump red lights no impact on India for traffic lights

  • Rando Whalebone

    Rando Whalebone

     2 weeks ago

    It’s not easy being green. Kermit would be sad.

  • Call of Duty Mobile

    Call of Duty Mobile

     2 weeks ago +1

    You should rewrite the name of your channel to "What if"
    Wait..... 😂🔥

  • enderman 2000

    enderman 2000

     2 weeks ago


  • Monstercat 032

    Monstercat 032

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  • Bipul Gogoi

    Bipul Gogoi

     2 weeks ago

    It's my favorite colour even though pink is popular. 💚🌱

  • Robloxboygamer


     2 weeks ago

    My sister will cry