11 vs 1: Rating Guys by Looks & Personality

Jubilee: 11 vs 1: Rating Guys by Looks & Personality


Published on: Sunday, June 2, 2019

11 vs 1: Rating Guys by Looks & Personality

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Source: https://youtu.be/SNXhfvDE1aQ

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  • PoplinRheyz


     2 hours ago

    Sean made me chuckle

  • Skadi


     2 hours ago

    I am tired of the tall guy stereotype. More love for awesome short dudes! Also Brandon is a pretty good looking guy.

  • Alyssa Hood

    Alyssa Hood

     5 hours ago

    This is my favorite video so far!

  • James Wood

    James Wood

     8 hours ago

    Imagine going to this and wearing a beanie like that...

  • yUkThA Bn

    yUkThA Bn

     9 hours ago

    The Philippines guy was my favourite.

  • Jenni Lopez

    Jenni Lopez

     10 hours ago

    She’s rating guys like she’s the prettiest girl in the world

  • CainLuther Ladin

    CainLuther Ladin

     13 hours ago

    Not for introverts like me.

  • Luci Jimenez

    Luci Jimenez

     14 hours ago

    Why rating is entertaining ?💔

  • Kookie Dough

    Kookie Dough

     17 hours ago


    That’s me lol

  • Vineet Verma

    Vineet Verma

     20 hours ago

    Wow dude like bread....

  • Zacho For life

    Zacho For life

     22 hours ago

    Rip in the chat for short boiiiiiiiiis

  • Great Gatsby

    Great Gatsby

     23 hours ago

    The girl herself is a 2

  • beanners1


     1 days ago

    My book "Successful Dating at Last!" is a great way to understand what you value in yourselves and others and to facilitate communication.

  • TheCookingNerd


     1 days ago

    Why were all the guys ugly?

  • God D

    God D

     1 days ago +1

    good girls like bad boys

  • EgoBeatusSum


     1 days ago

    Girls are ALWAYS into Though dudes, i mean THUGS!!!

  • Nokia


     1 days ago

    So basically, you can conclude that women of this type. West coast vibes comin off of her but idk. Are as shallow as it can get and as interesting as a stale loaf of bread.

  • Frances Johnson

    Frances Johnson

     1 days ago

    I would fail at this test so hard if it was the other way around lol

  • Harald Höerwick

    Harald Höerwick

     1 days ago

    Lesson of the story date blind girls

  • Oscar Curchin

    Oscar Curchin

     1 days ago

    Funny that the shortest got rated the highest😂