Austin: Big Dumb/Funny Live PD Moments


Published on: Saturday, July 13, 2019

Big Dumb/Funny Live PD Moments

A collection of about 5 live pd videos of events that dont seem bad but maybe take a turn for the worst or are just funny


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  • jack daniel

    jack daniel

     2 hours ago

    7:25 I feel like this would have been my mother had we stayed in Ohio.

  • J. Baird

    J. Baird

     7 hours ago

    Imagine thinking you're good enough to outrun a fleet of opps in a Honda Civic, only to look behind you and see a Dodge Caravan running lights and sirens, lmaooooooo.

  • Donald Crosley

    Donald Crosley

     12 hours ago


  • country club 66

    country club 66

     14 hours ago

    The worst thing to do is to run away from the cops

  • LeighAnn Cadien

    LeighAnn Cadien

     2 days ago

    I love how the first guy had to walk with his dog between his legs 😂

  • youdoneboi 360

    youdoneboi 360

     2 days ago

    What was his warent for?

  • The Pokémon Opener

    The Pokémon Opener

     3 days ago

    I love that Georgia guy hes awsome

  • Aaron T

    Aaron T

     3 days ago

    Cops gotta deal so much BS. They earn every damn penny !

  • Hot Issues

    Hot Issues

     4 days ago

    That’s a disgusting toilet

  • Hot Issues

    Hot Issues

     4 days ago

    I bet the guy could’ve kept his car if he was more compliant

  • Queen Skeleboner

    Queen Skeleboner

     4 days ago

    "We get lied to for a living" LMAOOOO



     4 days ago


  • Joel Aparicio

    Joel Aparicio

     4 days ago

    4:00 that cop is dumb af😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️can’t wait for his ride

  • Alien Honcho

    Alien Honcho

     4 days ago

    wtf is up with the cop at 2:30 bitch ass hawaiian

  • bryan burr

    bryan burr

     4 days ago

    cops are nothing but coward chicken shits

  • Joe Montgomery

    Joe Montgomery

     4 days ago

    Awesome editing, really like how you cut out main parts and randomly cut just great

  • Kuzenbo


     4 days ago

    The toilet thieves took the food out of the refridgerator, so they can steal the refridgerator, so they can sell the refridgerator, so they can buy food. 300 IQ

  • S Tra

    S Tra

     5 days ago

    09:12 he kept doing something stupid because the cop was using double negative, so he thought the cop was ordering him to do something stupid.

  • James Taylor

    James Taylor

     5 days ago +1

    Second cop wanted a fight he didn’t have to arrest dude it was public property if he was free go he was free to stay!

  • Sameplayer


     5 days ago

    Why the fuk are the cops so fuking loud and rude af