CreepsMcPasta: "Snowman Family" Creepypasta


Published on: Tuesday, October 15, 2019

"Snowman Family" Creepypasta

They looks so happy together...
CREEPYPASTA STORY►by GorillaOfUndeath:
Creepypastas are the campfire tales of the internet. Horror stories spread through Reddit r/nosleep, forums and blogs, rather than word of mouth. Whether you believe these scary stories to be true or not is left to your own discretion and imagination.

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-This creepypasta is for entertainment purposes only-
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  • PumpkinSpikes


     2 days ago

    And what exactly is the narrator planning on doing when the snow family melts? 😂

  • Black Rose

    Black Rose

     1 weeks ago

    I came here thinking this waa gonna be about a snowman family coming to life....I was wrong, very very wrong😓😓😓. Is it bad that I don't feel bad for Randy or the ex wife at all? Holy hell that ending 😨😨😨😨



     3 weeks ago

    ....huhhh!!,i just was into the story and ...didnt understand ,why&when it stopped, . But yes .. okay. Maybe it was finished.



     3 weeks ago


  • Brytthan De Leon

    Brytthan De Leon

     1 months ago

    The snowman on the screen of the video looks like he about to get triggered

  • Shy Thalia

    Shy Thalia

     1 months ago

    didn't really need to do that to the child but ok. fuck em up i guess

  • Nahun Lavaire

    Nahun Lavaire

     1 months ago +1

    17:20 killed me whyy bro that's just fucked man i cried so hard

  • Bunny Boi

    Bunny Boi

     1 months ago

    Turning people into everyday objects I see a man of culture as well XD

  • Lauren Taylor

    Lauren Taylor

     1 months ago

    I've been neglecting to watch this one because it sounded ridiculous.... but new favorite.....

  • mechajason


     2 months ago

    OK as much as I like this one it now just makes me angry because the daughter did nothing wrong like what I don’t care how crazy you got I don’t care if Randy was her father you’re her dad her real dad not her biological dad her real dad that the one that loves her the most

  • GalacticTrooper30 8000

    GalacticTrooper30 8000

     2 months ago

    A big torch in a hand would not make the snowman last for very long.

  • Art Is A Passion 24

    Art Is A Passion 24

     2 months ago

    What type of man shovels the snow of the dude who plowed his wife? Like what? Lol

  • Rebecca Chalk

    Rebecca Chalk

     2 months ago +1

    absolutely love this types of karma Creeppasta's
    heart warming ending :)

  • Kiki


     2 months ago +2

    i'm about 2 minutes in rn but i'm getting 'delusional rage murderer' vibes from this guy, let's see how far off i am

    edit: and i oop-

  • Kryspi Ox

    Kryspi Ox

     2 months ago

    Damn, son

  • Murray Flewelling

    Murray Flewelling

     2 months ago

    Awesome me a great idea!!!!!

  • maciht


     2 months ago

    oH so this is what anna meant

  • Reee Eeee

    Reee Eeee

     2 months ago

    That went from 1-100 real quick

  • Scuba Man

    Scuba Man

     2 months ago

    ...That ending... I didn't see that twist in the end. :-(

  • 064678543


     2 months ago

    Do you want to build a snowman??