Looper: The End Of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Explained


Published on: Friday, May 31, 2019

The End Of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Explained

There's a lot to unpack in the latest Godzilla flick's ending, from what the human characters might do next to what this rapidly expanding fictional universe could imply about the future of the ancient beings known as Titans. Let's break it all down and explain the ending of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Monster spoilers ahead.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters ends exactly the way you'd expect it to: With a massive Titan vs. Titan showdown in the ruins of Boston, as Godzilla and Ghidorah battle it out for apex predator status. The film ultimately reveals that Godzilla, who seems to be working side by side with humanity, has prevailed by showing us the King of the Monsters chowing down on one of Ghidorah's heads before blasting the remains of the alien monster with his atomic breath.

It's an ominous postscript added by Monarch's resident mythologist, who seems to understand that even though some version of a balance has been achieved with Godzilla's victory, it could all go very wrong at any moment. The line "For now" might just seem like a teaser for more sequels, but Dr. Chen's warning speaks to the fragility of life on Earth in the wake of the film. Everything old is new again, and that means new rules for everyone that could be breaking at any moment.

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On our side...for now | 0:19
What's left of Monster Zero | 1:17
The future of Mothra | 2:33
The lure of Skull Island | 3:35
The Hollow Earth | 4:25
A family rebuilt | 5:09
Even more Titans | 5:54

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  • Looper


     7 months ago +443

    Which of the monsters is your favorite?

  • Eladio Moreno

    Eladio Moreno

     2 weeks ago

    Next movie
    Mecha King Ghidorah: fine, I’ll do it myself

  • sykoelmn8r


     1 months ago

    Mothra Rodan and Godzilla are my favorites

  • Nick Patterson

    Nick Patterson

     3 months ago

    Godzilla vs Kong makes no sense 😂 Kong is tiny he’ll get crushed

  • N30 R

    N30 R

     3 months ago

    That scientist lady....am putting a bullet in her head! Now thats balance😤

  • Glen Massey

    Glen Massey

     3 months ago

    Godzilla is for earth not necessarily humans. Will likely see Godzilla fight Kong for a little while testing Kong's will then Seatopia Megalon or Gigan will show up or both.

  • pawtatuh e3e

    pawtatuh e3e

     3 months ago

    im glad to know mothra's still alive, if she died that'd be the most tragic death of the whole movie and all of the upcoming sequels

  • Ace Attack II Gaming

    Ace Attack II Gaming

     4 months ago

    Such a good movie screw the critics.

  • Solemn Solace

    Solemn Solace

     4 months ago

    Plus it said there are new titans under skull island so king king may be dealing with that and I think Kong and Godzilla will fight for a little while then team up to fight a bigger threat!

  • Unquiet Branch

    Unquiet Branch

     4 months ago

    my theory is the guy with king g's head is going to make mecha king g

  • Unquiet Branch

    Unquiet Branch

     4 months ago

    i..just...MOTHRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WolfBloxnitro Art

    WolfBloxnitro Art

     4 months ago

    I’d pay a million pounds for people to make a Godzilla movie with a giant demogorgan a giant Predator and a giant alien (from the alien movie)

  •  4 months ago

    Half the reason why I watch looper is cause of the background music..... I hope they never change it

  • Atomicboi 76

    Atomicboi 76

     4 months ago

    You do know mothra, Godzilla, rodan and ghidorah are Japanese right

  • tygurlz


     5 months ago

    With Kong vs Godzilla being released in March of 2020, they obviously go at it but I've never heard of either dying. would "Monster Zero" put them on a sorta "Monster Truce"?

  • brooo stob it

    brooo stob it

     5 months ago

    Im so hyped for this....

  • Sheena Tozier

    Sheena Tozier

     5 months ago

    The giant spider is in the Godzilla movie Son of Godzilla

  • Pao Chongloi

    Pao Chongloi

     5 months ago

    Godzilla steps on skull island.
    Kong : I am about to end his Titan career 😂
    Other Monsters : Popcorn.

  • Amritpal Wilkhu

    Amritpal Wilkhu

     5 months ago

    My jaw drop while watching the fight scenes in the movie.....Kong would be praying to God not to send Godzilla over skull Island...

    Godzilla - I am God.......

  • Gerry Nightingale

    Gerry Nightingale

     5 months ago

    Uh...the last 'G' movie prior to GKOTM that 'G' was capable of at least 60-knots under the surface...and likely more than 100-knots using his powers to 'vaporize water into steam'...so he really has no need of 'tunnels in the depths' and it's very likely he's actually much faster in water than on land  ( A line in the prior 'G' says "He's at thirty-knots sir...and pulling away rapidly! We're going to lose visual and sonar-tracking..." )