DancingBacons: Taiwanese Street Food Shilin Night Market

Published on: Friday, April 26, 2019

Taiwanese Street Food Shilin Night Market

One of the best Night Market in Taipei Taiwan with lots of amazing street food to eat

Reuploaded from last year video & edited to include prices with new clip of prawning

Shilin Night Market
Address: No. 101號, Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Source: https://youtu.be/V4i9cImHti0

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  • 스트리잇Streeat


     17 hours ago

    wow that is so interesting! i would like to taste it :) thank you for sharing nice video! +1 like ❤️ stay connected 🌺

  • The World Less Traveled

    The World Less Traveled

     1 days ago

    Love the style of your video content! You really let the viewer experience the lifestyle of Taiwan without forcing a view point. This is exactly what I want, someone that creates content that is inviting without giving away too much!

  • 딱철[TV]


     1 days ago

    와 맛있겟다.....

  • Cristina Betancourt

    Cristina Betancourt

     1 days ago +1

    12.58 ella es muy linda pero mastica horrible 😥 cierre la boca señorita.

  • Mimi 83

    Mimi 83

     2 days ago +1

    The prawns still had poop in them?

  • Vieson Ben

    Vieson Ben

     4 days ago


  • мадкей


     6 days ago +1

    he protecc
    he atacc
    he spid at making sosig snacc

  • Cookie


     1 weeks ago

    Those poor prawns...😱skewered and grilled alive... slowly dying in the process..They must have gone through so much pain😡 When does mankind stop being so selfish?

  • lior h

    lior h

     1 weeks ago

    the lady look like beaver

  • ronc531


     1 weeks ago +2

    this is the first one of these I have seen that shows what it is and the price, thank you. I subscribed because of that.

  • Danny's Food & Travel Channel

    Danny's Food & Travel Channel

     1 weeks ago

    love these street food

  • ronc531


     1 weeks ago

    look AT THE GRILL AT 1:14, IT IS GROSS! lots of flavor there, not sure if it is the right kind though!

  • 吃龍眼藺相如


     2 weeks ago +20

    in the beginning, the woman says: "Please put the money in the box, help yourself if you need changes"
    Woah, speaking of trusting people.

  • Thejao Miachieo

    Thejao Miachieo

     2 weeks ago +2

    It's the smile that makes everyone laugh out hard everytime

  • Erna Wati

    Erna Wati

     2 weeks ago

    Don't play with those creature. Let them free right now ☝🏻☠😬😖💀👹👺😣😱😬😨

  • Susan Ananda

    Susan Ananda

     2 weeks ago

    '12:40' a bit too hot hey!

  • Susan Ananda

    Susan Ananda

     2 weeks ago

    '6:55' Wow she's so excited with her sausage! Followed with the white stuff that comes out of it.

  • Kaew 1970

    Kaew 1970

     2 weeks ago

    Very good Very nice food!

  • Charles


     3 weeks ago

    My dick hurts watching those mushrooms get chopped lol

  • Delicious Food

    Delicious Food

     3 weeks ago

    The food is delicious, love taiwanese street food.