Architectural Digest: Inside a $18.5M Miami Beach Party House | On The Market


Published on: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Inside a $18.5M Miami Beach Party House | On The Market

Today we take you to Miami Beach, Florida to tour one of the most stunning properties on the Venetian Islands, 941 North Venetian Drive. With 9200 square feet under air, 2 private pools and incredible views of Biscayne Bay, it’s tailor made for hosting parties. Hand cut coral stone accents adorn the interior, as well as 48x48 limestone flooring. The chic kitchen features leathered black granite counters and a gas range - something of a rarity in Miami real estate. And once all the guests have left for the night, the owner can retire to a master suite with floor to ceiling retractable windows leading to a suspended plunge pool. Although a family would be more than comfortable across the 5 bedrooms, it’s truly a house begging to throw a blowout bash.

Check out the listing here:

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Inside a $18.5M Miami Beach Party House | On The Market


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  • Peter Fox

    Peter Fox

     1 days ago

    Ugly. Ugly and uninviting!

  • Elliot Lee

    Elliot Lee

     1 days ago

    My butt hole has more personality than her.

  • Xolition


     1 days ago

    Underwater in 3, 2, 1..

  • Havior Ace

    Havior Ace

     2 days ago +1


  • Balgore8


     2 days ago

    Whats the point of that plunge pool? Too small to swim in it. Doesnt appear to be a jaccuzi or hotjob. Pointless water bucket that requires maintenance?

    And I dont know about that dock right on the water, talk about robber's entry point to the most vulnerable area of your home. Hope you have camera systems decked out on the rear.

  • chancy319


     2 days ago

    Looks like one of those houses they use to make pornos.

  • Nyx Hypnos

    Nyx Hypnos

     4 days ago

    Its actually kinda a chill nice place, i dont like it all but i like most of it, 18mill is a bit much but considering its miami and stuff i guess its expected

  • LukeDoingThings


     5 days ago +2

    “In this room we have big windows so you can see the Miami skyline to the left. In this room there is a view of the water, this room is a great open space to look out at the harbor, and of course everything is about the view. Wait until you see it at night”

  • Shaurya Pratap Thakur

    Shaurya Pratap Thakur

     5 days ago

    If the Ground floor is 11ft
    Then the main door is NOT 19 ft...
    It's 11ft max. Rest is just facade.

  • Alphie LaFray

    Alphie LaFray

     1 weeks ago

    car gallery, hang art in your garage? no one who collects art will store art in a garage with the heat from the cars and petrol fumes destroying priceless artwork

  • Slick Mulah

    Slick Mulah

     1 weeks ago

    Lil Pump had his birthday here 😂🔥💯

  • Tenac 300

    Tenac 300

     1 weeks ago

    alligator house

  • mena seven

    mena seven

     1 weeks ago

    This Miami Beach mansion is paradise on earth. I like the house bedrooms, living room dining room and kitchen. I like the big glass windows and doors that allowed me to see the sea. I like the view of the Biscayne Bay and the Infinity pool. I like the big Black woman painting, the head sculpture and the horse sculpture.

  • Der Eine Da Hinten

    Der Eine Da Hinten

     1 weeks ago

    hot girl

  • Yusuf Sabir

    Yusuf Sabir

     1 weeks ago

    I can afford the 18 at the beginning...

  • Mike


     1 weeks ago

    Too bad it will be under water in 30 years....

  • Nguyen Xuan Linh

    Nguyen Xuan Linh

     1 weeks ago

    Hmm, what the... She got the pants all wrong. It was up to her breasts.

  • Cancel-That-Bitch


     2 weeks ago

    Nar I would be para about drowning every 2 mins.....When the wind gets up

  • John Carrascal

    John Carrascal

     2 weeks ago


  • Satya Talukdar

    Satya Talukdar

     2 weeks ago +1

    The host looks like a performer straight off a porn scene