Published on: Saturday, November 9, 2019


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This happens when you forget Allah, a beautiful reminder by brother Nouman Ali Khan.

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  • yikes


     1 weeks ago

    basically you just become very depressed and lost 😔 like skipping praying and being negative all the time

  • Servant of Allah

    Servant of Allah

     3 weeks ago +1

    SubhanAllah, knowing when I go to sleep that Allah is always watching over is amazing alhamdullilah

  • Mehdy Hasan

    Mehdy Hasan

     3 weeks ago

    Anyone have background sound name 🖤🖤

  • Ishraq Mahrooqi

    Ishraq Mahrooqi

     3 weeks ago

    This vid was much needed!!!!

  • Muneeza Syed

    Muneeza Syed

     3 weeks ago +1

    So healing💔😓❤️❤️

  • maryam Shaikh

    maryam Shaikh

     3 weeks ago

    Absolutely.....but pls tell that how to balance the goals and aims of this duniya and how to focus on the final goal of akhirah.......???????cause i totally lost what i aimed for........

  • Md M Hassan

    Md M Hassan

     3 weeks ago

  • shagufta khan

    shagufta khan

     4 weeks ago

    What is the name of this maulana ???

  • Naveen Konnur

    Naveen Konnur

     4 weeks ago

    Jai Shree Ram 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  • ivy Eli

    ivy Eli

     4 weeks ago +1

    May Allah help me and you

  • عبدالله D

    عبدالله D

     4 weeks ago +1

    Ohh Allah forgive us .. we are so often ungrateful 😔

  • Syd Adnan

    Syd Adnan

     4 weeks ago

    What the hell is wrong with my mind I’ve had anxiety depression could not get married because of that my situation did improve a bit.

  • Black Sea

    Black Sea

     4 weeks ago

    assalamu aleykum, if anyone can relate to this please help me, There is a story about Muhammad SAW when he got chased out of a place where he tried to talk to the people there, (there may be wrongs but please help me get the pieces togheter)

    And then someone saw him and Muhammad SAW said something that was the exact same thing that was said by another prophet, And the guy freaked out because he was in shock that he said the exact same thing cuz he believed in the other prophet , and only prophets knows what other prophets has said, There is a story about this but I cant find it, can anyone relate, please looking all over for it. ❤️

  • Virendra Kumar maurya

    Virendra Kumar maurya

     4 weeks ago

    I can't understand how any body can love Allah yar he is a contaricter of brothel who supplied the hoor for boom boom with the liquor.

  • Faruk Hamid

    Faruk Hamid

     4 weeks ago

    Sufficient for us is Allah, and (He is) the best Disposer of affairs (HasbunAllahu wa ni’mal Wakeel).” (3:173)

  • u look tasty

    u look tasty

     4 weeks ago

  • Nudel Sucuk

    Nudel Sucuk

     4 weeks ago

    Allahu Akbar Kabeera!

  • saiyed brothers

    saiyed brothers

     4 weeks ago +2

    I saw a lot of people writing inshallah
    Plzz right IN SHA ALLAH 🙏
    MA SHA ALLAH capital words
    For all Holy word

  • Jarel Ahmed

    Jarel Ahmed

     4 weeks ago

    1 million subscribers soon!!!

  • Esmael Anton

    Esmael Anton

     1 months ago +1

    Watching from Philippines