B/R Football: Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool: 2019 Champions League Final Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

Published on: Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool: 2019 Champions League Final Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

Liverpool won the Champions League with a 2-0 victory over Tottenham in an all-British final in Madrid.

Mohamed Salah scored the opener in the second minute from the penalty spot after a controversial handball was awarded.

Spurs pushed for an equalizer in the second half but could not find one, forcing some big saves from Alisson.

And substitute Divock Origi struck late to settle the contest and ensure Liverpool won the competition for the sixth time.

Source: https://youtu.be/XRjjZGlxa0c

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  • castricv


     2 days ago

    As a lifetime Liverpool fan This was the best garbage game I've ever seen

  • Dank


     3 days ago

    Who's here after Poch got sacked?

  • Just Another Random Guy

    Just Another Random Guy

     5 days ago

    Final was honestly a snooze fest and wished Tottenham wouldve scored to at least make the game more interesting, Liverpool fan btw

  • Newerachamps


     6 days ago +1

    86th minute speech
    Klopp: Barcelona
    Origi: Yes

  • Panda Icr

    Panda Icr

     1 weeks ago

    Alisson Becker in goal: HE IS A GOD!!!

  • Layth


     1 weeks ago

    This was the worst champions league final in history

  • David Dutansarmiento

    David Dutansarmiento

     1 months ago +1

    This has less views than man utd comeback against psg

  • Tottenham Fanatic

    Tottenham Fanatic

     1 months ago

    MANE IS OF SIDES MATE. REF ARE YOU TAKING A PISS MAN?!!?! Man fuck Liverpool. I agree that Tottenham played absolute dog shit but I hate Liverpool now. I hope they don’t win the premier for another decade.

  • Noredoos No

    Noredoos No

     1 months ago

    One of the worst champions league I don’t wanna see any of these team in there again

  • cRiTiCaL GamerX

    cRiTiCaL GamerX

     2 months ago

    The expentions And The reality of this game

  • cRiTiCaL GamerX

    cRiTiCaL GamerX

     2 months ago

    This was a boring final Tbh

  • Stefan Sirucek

    Stefan Sirucek

     2 months ago +1

    damn tottenham did nothing in this game.

  • J p

    J p

     2 months ago +1

    People talk how shitty rhis game was but...liverpool already played in the best CL final...who cares!

  • Danneh SG

    Danneh SG

     2 months ago

    I almost went to sleep

  • James Long

    James Long

     2 months ago +1

    Liverpool will win the Premiership and the Champions League

  • Smoke weed everyday

    Smoke weed everyday

     2 months ago

    Well deserved

  • Julio Chavez

    Julio Chavez

     2 months ago

    This was such a shit final

  • _ Drippy Hustle _

    _ Drippy Hustle _

     2 months ago

    2:11 You know the game was trash when a substitution is one of the highlights

  • Rashidi Manuel

    Rashidi Manuel

     2 months ago +1

    never give up

  • Tottenham Fanatic

    Tottenham Fanatic

     2 months ago

    Tottenham cant hold on the ventrogen and alderweideld forever. They can play defense no more. And the trippier just said fuck you to Tottenham and left.