Looper: Has Marvel Found The MCU's New Iron Man?


Published on: Friday, May 31, 2019

Has Marvel Found The MCU's New Iron Man?

Goodbye, Iron Man, hello, Ironheart? According to a new report by We Got This Covered, Marvel Studios may have decided which hero will assume the Iron Man mantle following Tony Stark's death in Avengers: Endgame.

The outlet cites an unnamed source that claims the bigwigs at Marvel and Disney are planning to have Riri Williams, also known as Ironheart, become the new Iron Man. She is said to be scheduled to debut in the MCU in either a Phase 4 or a Phase 5 film, and will, quote, "have Tony's suit to help her." The ultimate plan for Ironheart, per We Got This Covered's info, is to have the hero fight alongside the New Avengers, led by Brie Larson's Captain Marvel.

For those who haven't heard of Ironheart, here's a brief run-down on the character: she's an introverted teenager with genius-level intellect who was accepted to M.I.T. at age 12. Her smarts caused her to retreat into herself, but when she reverse-engineered the Iron Man Armor Model 41 suit to create her own version of the armor, something sparked inside her. She wound up stepping into the suit and committing a few acts of rogue vigilantism before Tony Stark noticed her and endorsed her wish to become a superhero. Ultimately, when Tony slips into a coma after battling Captain Marvel, it's Riri who carries on his legacy as Ironheart.

We Got This Covered's report notes that "several characters" will attempt to rise as the new Iron Man. These contenders contenders include Don Cheadle's War Machine, a close friend of Tony's, and Tom Holland's Spider-Man, who saw Tony as a father figure and trained under him to become an Avenger during Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Apparently, both War Machine and Spidey soon realize that the gig just isn't for them, and Ironheart will go on to assume the mantle.

But really, how plausible is the notion that Ironheart will be the new Iron Man in the MCU? Well, it certainly helps that this exact thing has happened in Marvel Comics. In August of 2016, WIRED exclusively confirmed that Riri Williams would formally take the Iron Man torch from Tony Stark during the events of the new Invincible Iron Man #1.

On the other hand, although We Got This Covered does cite a source, it's not a named source. Anyone reading this report and choosing to believe it or brush it off is doing so based solely on the word of an anonymous source. Now, this isn't to say that We Got This Covered aren't reputable. quite the opposite, actually, and the outlet has hit the head on numerous nails in the past, such as accurately reporting the Avengers: Endgame leak that revealed the Chitauri would be in the movie and reporting the news that Robert Pattinson was in talks to become the new Batman months before Variety confirmed the scoop. We Got This Covered really could be dishing the truth here, but without any corroboration on that source it's just impossible to know for sure. Keep watching the video to learn more about if it's true - has Marvel found the MCU's new Iron Man?

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Source: https://youtu.be/Y5O5-Ggh0mI

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  • Looper


     7 months ago +68

    Would you like to see Ironheart in Phase 4?

  • Marissa Bajar

    Marissa Bajar

     3 months ago

    No one can replace the original iron man

  • Tai Tsutomu

    Tai Tsutomu

     4 months ago

    She stole Parts in order to make her suit. Why must they make every black character attached with Negative black stereotypes?

  • Imperator


     6 months ago


  • Afnan Acchan

    Afnan Acchan

     6 months ago

    Fan love Iron Man because of RDJ not other way round. Change actor with someone else will ruin everything. Leave Iron man alone. There are hundreds other character in marvel comics they can use.

  • The Goddamn Batman

    The Goddamn Batman

     6 months ago

    How about NO Iron Man for a long time? So many fans HATE Riri Williams.

  • _Flame_


     7 months ago

    No no no no no.
    This is illegal.
    No one can replace RDJ

  • Crash Dash

    Crash Dash

     7 months ago

    No one can replace iron man

  • Toad 22

    Toad 22

     7 months ago

    I want Iron Man back

  • Danish usman

    Danish usman

     7 months ago

    small kid on iron man 3

  • Solo_rouge14


     7 months ago

    Im gonna stop you right there

  • Rachel Kinlove

    Rachel Kinlove

     7 months ago

    WTF with the title?! We don't need a replacement so shut the f up

  • Jose A.02

    Jose A.02

     7 months ago

    I don’t want a black girl to be the new Iron Man. Tf

  • b003


     7 months ago

    I thought this was all about Arno Stark Iron Man 2020.

  • Ben Munn

    Ben Munn

     7 months ago

    Maybe they could have Robert Downy JR reprise his role as hologram Tony Stark or voice A.I. Tony Stark

  • A. N.K

    A. N.K

     7 months ago

    There's no-one better than RDJ as Iron Man!! We love you 3000

  • Maikeru O

    Maikeru O

     7 months ago

    I think that in order for someone to be worthy to carry Iron Man legacy, must meet at least two conditions, be someone important to Tony and have a very high IQ, although Riri is intelligent, she has no connection with Tony at the MCU, it would be disrespectful to give such a valuable title to a stranger, the only ones who would meet these conditions are Harley Keener, the Iron Man 3 child, Peter Parker and Morgan Stark (she showed interest in the work of her father and being Tony's daughter, it is quite likely that she is a genius), if they aren't next Iron Man, Marvelwould be like sullying Tony's story, sacrifice and legacy.
    Personally, I would prefer Morgan, it would be the biggest tribute to Tony, for his daughter to take his mantle.

  • strong arm strong

    strong arm strong

     7 months ago

    Im not sexist but what sre they trying to do make a all woman cast in the end?damnn captain marvel was enough kick it down a notch.

  • Alex Filkin

    Alex Filkin

     7 months ago


  • Silver Banshee

    Silver Banshee

     7 months ago

    Nope. I'm done. When End Game's credits rolled, I officially withdrew from the MCU. Too much nonsense going on, and not enough quality to keep me coming back. I'm not even interested in the next Dr. Strange or Guardians movies.