Business Insider: Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive


Published on: Saturday, June 1, 2019

Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Pink Himalayan salt is used in speciality foods, spa treatments, and even home design. 100 grams of it can cost $5 to $8, up to 20 times more than generic table salt. So, why is it so expensive?

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Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive


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  • james Gand

    james Gand

     1 hours ago

    20 times the price of generic salt? What is that like 2 dollars? Table salt is so cheap lol

  • Jose Reyes

    Jose Reyes

     18 hours ago

    I thought that was meth pink panther

  • Suka Blyat

    Suka Blyat

     23 hours ago

    After watching this video
    Me: viciously lick my himalayan salt lamp

  • 바나나우유


     1 days ago

    Coz its strawberry flavored duh

  • Paragordius Nuts

    Paragordius Nuts

     1 days ago

    the arens have awoken

  • Master Yoda

    Master Yoda

     1 days ago

    Ah. Uranium my favourite.

  • moonlight _

    moonlight _

     1 days ago

    my aunt used to have a salt lamp and my cousin and i would lick it alot

  • Marco Polo

    Marco Polo

     1 days ago

    Plutonium is manmade.. why is that in here

  • Nive Chwan

    Nive Chwan

     2 days ago

    I didn't knew it was expensive tbh we use it in every cooking item

  • muhammad Bilal

    muhammad Bilal

     2 days ago


  • the confetti lover

    the confetti lover

     3 days ago

    Guess what I found out theres pink Himalayan salt in my body scrub 😏

  • Imhurtbadly Help

    Imhurtbadly Help

     3 days ago

    In Australia it’s fricking 3.00$ for a bag that ain’t expensive

  • Domenico Bartoccioni

    Domenico Bartoccioni

     3 days ago

    So at the end of the day it is just marketing...



     4 days ago +1

    For a sec I thought that was meat 🥩

  • el park

    el park

     6 days ago

    i got a huge one for free from my aunt. rich aunts rule

  • Johnathon Waymire

    Johnathon Waymire

     6 days ago

    I just like the flavor

  • Jayden Boland

    Jayden Boland

     1 weeks ago

    Ok buddy I got a lamp of this this stuff. Lmao

  • St


     1 weeks ago +1

    Everyone: healing lamp
    Me: aesthetic lamp

  • Axel Gust

    Axel Gust

     1 weeks ago

    I’ve got a lamp made of it, time to get chopping!

  • Toreole


     1 weeks ago

    In short: because people just dont stop buying it