Austin: Big Dumb/Funny Live PD Moments Pt.2


Published on: Sunday, July 14, 2019

Big Dumb/Funny Live PD Moments Pt.2

just a combination of about 5 live pd episodes cut to the action with exciting twists


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  • Crater


     19 hours ago


  • justanothercover1


     1 days ago

    What is she saying about that sounds like " we havent shot him cause hes pretty dumb"...maybe volumes too low..idk lol

  • A1


     1 days ago

    The fake bape hoodie😂😂💀

  • Rip X

    Rip X

     1 days ago +1

    ”suck my dick nigga”

    yeaaah he tryn be sum he not 😂

  • Tiffany


     1 days ago

    So it turns out Pam doesn't always help you pull it off 😥

  • Kryptico


     1 days ago

    40 in the 35s bitchass cop

  • Adrian Cortez

    Adrian Cortez

     1 days ago

    40 in a 35 and pulled her over at a light..... my mans just started the job yesterday

  • Ashley Games

    Ashley Games

     1 days ago

    40 in a 35 = asshole cop.

  • Milton Holley

    Milton Holley

     2 days ago

    Video was Dumb and not funny like Boring!!!

  • russel buffalino

    russel buffalino

     2 days ago

    wHo YoU tAlKiNg To BuStEr

  • Jenny Boone

    Jenny Boone

     2 days ago

    hew you talking
    to buster

  • Tyler Mason

    Tyler Mason

     2 days ago

    Not a great stepdad to be saying shit like that if so the same

  • Kyle Sisk

    Kyle Sisk

     2 days ago

    I legit got pulled over one day going 44 in a 40 and then when he said I was going 60 I said “Sir that is not correct. I just turned from the stop sign 30 yards back. I could not have possibly gotten up to that speed in that time.” I know I shouldn’t talk back but it was literally impossible, plus I checked my speed after seeing him. I was clearly going 44. He then said that it was a 35 zone. You’d think I know the speed limits roughly .3 miles from my house. I checked later that day and sure enough it is a 40mph zone. He did “let me off with a warning” even though I was a whole 4mph over. He said “Trying to test out the car or what?” Yeah cause I totally could have gone 0-60 in 7 seconds in my Hyundai Veloster in smart (gas saver) mode.

  • Marcus Savage

    Marcus Savage

     2 days ago

    @5:55 when did Russell Peters become a cop??😂.

    ^^Only Canadians will get this.^^

  • Aiden Rose

    Aiden Rose

     3 days ago

    7:39 . That man is a piece of trash for stopping them for going 40 in a 35

  • 1389 CCCC

    1389 CCCC

     3 days ago

    Pam,you look tired,take some rest

  • Rowdy Bear

    Rowdy Bear

     3 days ago

    Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.. I had moo tany Tappletinnies.

  • Joan Brown

    Joan Brown

     3 days ago

    Gods Armour over you All

  • A1zWestcoast


     3 days ago

    Cop: "yea were gonna have to get him, hes doing 40 in a 35"

    Petty mfkas😂😂😂

  • Holographic Marlon Brando

    Holographic Marlon Brando

     3 days ago

    B I G
    D U M B