Landon McCoy: Unlimited Data Hotspot on Galaxy S8/Note 8!

Published on: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Unlimited Data Hotspot on Galaxy S8/Note 8!

*UPDATE 4: As user Rocky Edwards pointed out, this method does NOT work on the latest Oreo update. He updated his AT&T Note 8 to Oreo, and this no longer worked for him. For now, use your package disabling app to disable the following packages to prevent your phone from force-updating (may not be available if you're not on AT&T):
-Software update (
-Software update (com.wssyncmldm)

*UPDATE 3: As of 12/11/17, if you want this to work, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PHONE if you're on AT&T! Commenter 4wheelfurry pointed this out to me, and I'll update this if anything changes or if it actually does work on the latest 12/12/17 update from AT&T.

*UPDATE 2: Package Disabler Pro is no longer available on the Google Play Store at this moment (11/2/17). Download BK Package Disabler instead, as it works just as well. Link below:

*UPDATE: Will NOT work for those of you who are on Sprint! Check out this thread and see if it works for you:

As many of you may have already seen, I released a video last year explaining how to enable the hotspot on your Samsung phone, even if you have unlimited data and your hotspot is blocked. That video was insanely popular, but some carriers figured out how to keep that from working on the Galaxy S8. However, I finally figured out how to bypass their blockage for the second time, and now you can enable the hotspot on your Galaxy S8 or Note 8, even if it's blocked and you don't have root access! I used an AT&T Galaxy S8 in this video, and it works like a charm! All you need is Package Disabler Pro and another Wi-Fi network (even if it doesn't have internet access, like a Chromecast), and you're good to go! Links below:

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  • Landon McCoy

    Landon McCoy

     1 years ago +8

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT update your phone to the December update after the 11th! I've been told that, after that update, this method no longer works. I'm actively looking for another way around this block, but until then disable two "Software update" packages in Package Disabler: and com.wssyncmldm. This will keep AT&T from forcing you to update your phone and will keep the annoying update messages from popping up.

  • Katrina Engelhardt

    Katrina Engelhardt

     5 months ago +2

    I did everything you did and fast. and it didn't work. I have Samsung Galaxy s8+. As soon as I try to turn on mobile hotspot I get. All app Associated with this has been turned off blocked Or not installed.
    I disabled the two thing on Package disable pro.

  • nelson farmer

    nelson farmer

     6 months ago

    I'm not sure why this is needed. "Binge On" takes care of what many use data for; I believe all of the major streaming platforms are covered. Granted I have an older plan worth it's weight in gold, 4 lines $150 Unlimited LTE and 14GB LTE Hotspot data each line. I use about 11gb of true data while actually using about 100+ Gigs of data a month.

  • Rizz ThreeEleven

    Rizz ThreeEleven

     7 months ago

    It's this still working?

  • Foxoholic


     10 months ago

    Does this still work? Will it work with Verizon?

  • Ector Ramos

    Ector Ramos

     10 months ago

    Does it work on s9

  • Max Mcclellan

    Max Mcclellan

     11 months ago

    Idk wtf u r talking about dumbass

  • terry aqualad

    terry aqualad

     11 months ago +1

    I have the note 9att help need for ps4

  • James B Coogan

    James B Coogan

     11 months ago

    Is this only a samsung problem ? I've had a pixel for 2 years and didn't have this issue , my note 9 only has 2.4GHz hotspot and not 5GHz , and i have a tab s4 tablet . My tab s4 can stream music , youtube etc thru hotspot , but can't download music , youtube video or upload photo's to google photo's, it just says waiting for Wi-Fi. I have 120Gb of data so it's no problem . When i turn off hotspot and use home Wi-Fi it works fine .

  • Gaming whit tashh

    Gaming whit tashh

     1 years ago +1

    New video plz

  • ពូ កេសី

    ពូ កេសី

     1 years ago

    G950u Version 8.0 Can't setup like this . help me please

  • JAUN Shuler

    JAUN Shuler

     1 years ago


  • blazingdee


     1 years ago

    can you do samsung s9 plus???????????????????????????

  • Robert Correll

    Robert Correll

     1 years ago

    Is there a different way to do this? I have 2 that comes up but not allowed to click on it

  • Diamond Thunder

    Diamond Thunder

     1 years ago

    I can't disable the tethering things

  • J Rivera

    J Rivera

     1 years ago

    I tried to do it on my note 8 but its days I have to call my phone provider

  • Taylor Phillips

    Taylor Phillips

     1 years ago

    Will this technique work on an S9+ ?

  • Alex Loera

    Alex Loera

     1 years ago

    Can u help me bypass my tmobil hotspot limit

  • R Schlosser

    R Schlosser

     1 years ago +1

    I found a way. No need to download or buy anything

  • Jordan Freedman

    Jordan Freedman

     1 years ago

    Hi Landon, have you found a new way around the new update? Thanks