Landon McCoy: Unlimited Data Hotspot on Galaxy S8/Note 8!

Published on: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Unlimited Data Hotspot on Galaxy S8/Note 8!

*UPDATE 4: As user Rocky Edwards pointed out, this method does NOT work on the latest Oreo update. He updated his AT&T Note 8 to Oreo, and this no longer worked for him. For now, use your package disabling app to disable the following packages to prevent your phone from force-updating (may not be available if you're not on AT&T):
-Software update (
-Software update (com.wssyncmldm)

*UPDATE 3: As of 12/11/17, if you want this to work, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PHONE if you're on AT&T! Commenter 4wheelfurry pointed this out to me, and I'll update this if anything changes or if it actually does work on the latest 12/12/17 update from AT&T.

*UPDATE 2: Package Disabler Pro is no longer available on the Google Play Store at this moment (11/2/17). Download BK Package Disabler instead, as it works just as well. Link below:

*UPDATE: Will NOT work for those of you who are on Sprint! Check out this thread and see if it works for you:

As many of you may have already seen, I released a video last year explaining how to enable the hotspot on your Samsung phone, even if you have unlimited data and your hotspot is blocked. That video was insanely popular, but some carriers figured out how to keep that from working on the Galaxy S8. However, I finally figured out how to bypass their blockage for the second time, and now you can enable the hotspot on your Galaxy S8 or Note 8, even if it's blocked and you don't have root access! I used an AT&T Galaxy S8 in this video, and it works like a charm! All you need is Package Disabler Pro and another Wi-Fi network (even if it doesn't have internet access, like a Chromecast), and you're good to go! Links below:

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