A&E: Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Top 7 Prison Gang Moments | A&E


Published on: Sunday, October 20, 2019

Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Top 7 Prison Gang Moments | A&E

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Get an inside look into gang life in prison in this Behind Bars compilation, featuring several fights that break out with rival gangs, and a shakedown that uncovers one inmate's secret gang affiliation. #BehindBars
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"Behind Bars: Rookie Year" follows a group of new recruits at the New Mexico Corrections Academy (NMCA) as they come face-to-face with criminals who take pleasure in preying on weakness. Whether they're cadets in training or brand new on the line, the officers all wrestle with a critical life-or-death question: Is it worth it?

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  • A&E


     2 months ago +146

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  • Colin Shotts

    Colin Shotts

     6 hours ago

    one guard a terrible shot

  • Grinder Man

    Grinder Man

     6 hours ago

    "I'm very aryan. I love what I live for!" shut the f*** up, poor little useless wretch!!!

  • Death Korps of Krieg Gernandier no.25843

    Death Korps of Krieg Gernandier no.25843

     7 hours ago

    Even if I wasn't hiding something I would still be upset to have a rookie just step on my bed with his dirty shoes

  • Lil xandor Taser

    Lil xandor Taser

     8 hours ago

    why is it so bad that this guys smugle drugs in the jail
    theyr literely gona die in jail anyways

  • sam phi

    sam phi

     16 hours ago

    They should use live rounds on them and then they wouldn't be so lippy. Just blow one away every now and then, for any reason at all. One per day or more if needed would send a strong message and save the taxpayers a whole lot of money.

  • Jeremy Grenier sauvageau

    Jeremy Grenier sauvageau

     18 hours ago

    5:00 when you feel like enough is not enough.

  • Jolie


     1 days ago

    The white Aryian guy is very fruity 🍒🍓🍍😂😂😂😂!!! No one is scared of him !!!

  • Zerro Fox

    Zerro Fox

     1 days ago


  • My Haunted Home

    My Haunted Home

     1 days ago

    Should move them all to Nancy Pelosi's backyard

  • fla playa

    fla playa

     1 days ago

    The white C.O. with spiked up hair says Sureño like one of them and clams up visibly trembling when dude mentions "Hundred Dollar Bill". He's dirty, bet my last Ramen Noodle..

  • Francesco cos its FLAT

    Francesco cos its FLAT

     1 days ago +1

    The Greatest Man in history is Jesus. He had no servants, yet they called Him Master. He had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. He had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today, He had no wife, yet He's the Bridegroom, I love you Jesus with all my heart, strength and soul.

  • Chhaka Luoy

    Chhaka Luoy

     1 days ago

    inmate wear watches and necklaces

  • Codeine Cobain

    Codeine Cobain

     2 days ago

    Crips : if I see you ima shoot you

    Ms13 : if I see you ima chop you up

    Aryan brotherhood : if I see you, im going to tell you to shut up

  • Mateo Sabio

    Mateo Sabio

     2 days ago

    When I first saw that grenade, I thought the whole jail was ab to blow up and everyone was gonna escape😂

  • Pain_Is_Good


     2 days ago

    Frightening that these guys will someday be released.

  • oldnew newold

    oldnew newold

     2 days ago

    Do everyone have to join a gang in prison? What if you not a gangster and just a normal person that just mess up.
    Cause I’m about to do 15 so I need a little information. 🙏

  • FaZe GHØSTミメ

    FaZe GHØSTミメ

     2 days ago

    I wonder what's a level 100 inmateツ

  • LongShlongVonHugenDong


     2 days ago

    Yet the jail is the biggest gang there

  • Jonas Hansen

    Jonas Hansen

     2 days ago

    They all trying to act like they are tough, but all I see is some school-boys who think they control everything. Bro you are locked up, you are at the buttom of the sociaty, literally nobody cares about you.