Architectural Digest: Inside a $35M Hollywood Mansion With a 2 Level Glass-Bottomed Pool | On The Market


Published on: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Inside a $35M Hollywood Mansion With a 2 Level Glass-Bottomed Pool | On The Market

Today we take you to 1369 Londonderry Place, a $35 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles, California. A short walk from the Sunset Strip, the property boasts 6 bedrooms and 10 baths across 14,000 square feet of space, complimented by a unique double-decker glass-bottomed pool. The wellness center has a hot yoga room with living walls, providing fresh oxygen at all times. A $50K cryogenic chamber is perfect for rejuvenating skin cells, while the swim up bar is ideal for rejuvenating your guests’ cocktails. This fully-automated, luxury smart home needs to be seen to be believed.

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Inside a $35M Hollywood Mansion With a 2 Level Glass-Bottomed Pool | On The Market


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  • Danny S

    Danny S

     1 hours ago

    pretty sure those towels are embroidered with the year I started watching this video.

  • Danny S

    Danny S

     2 hours ago

    say 'space station' one more time! We get it. You had to settle for real estate after NASA sent you the rejection letter.

  • Danny S

    Danny S

     2 hours ago

    "here's the pool caBANGya"

  • Danny S

    Danny S

     2 hours ago

    I swear to god-mode, if she says 'modern' one more time...

  • Danny S

    Danny S

     2 hours ago

    "everything is on one level on this level"

  • Sunny_of_Oz


     3 hours ago

    How do you keep flies out of your mansion?

  • fiLthy


     5 hours ago

    Love the coke tray with the Viagra & Quaalude containers on it @ 6:54



     7 hours ago +2

    I’m here just to check how broke I’m and I just confirmed that I’m a homeless.

  • Robert Black

    Robert Black

     9 hours ago

    I cant even run one off the wrist in the living room without anyone with a semi decent pair of binoculars seeing the whole show.

  • Esther Mtz

    Esther Mtz

     9 hours ago

    I think this is the home Jaclyn hill is renting 👍

  • John jon

    John jon

     9 hours ago

    Frankly I much prefer former times when those of great wealth had a chapel incorporated into their home and knew who to thank and how to behave and personally nursed those in hospitals which they built and supported.

  • Carbon Instinct

    Carbon Instinct

     9 hours ago

    Partying with my plastic friends lol

  • His.Love.Casts.Out.All.Fear


     16 hours ago +1

    This looks like the house from Hands to myself by Selena Gomez

  • Willy Milano

    Willy Milano

     18 hours ago

    "The world's most seductive L.A. views".

    I'm sure he didn't think that statement through.

  • jira mito

    jira mito

     22 hours ago

    That’s real Cool 😎

  • Peter Fox

    Peter Fox

     1 days ago

    It is a mancave for boning hookers - that's it!

  • mm s

    mm s

     1 days ago

    Franklin’s house

  • Sidigh Jignawi

    Sidigh Jignawi

     1 days ago

    Who imagines the vast difference
    Houses of millions of dollars, and many others and I are unable to pay the rent for a two-room small house in Africa
    However, we are happy with our situation and are satisfied with it
    Praise be to Allah

  • Zack Bernardez

    Zack Bernardez

     1 days ago

    Would be so lit for parties. Imagine Travis Scott performing on the roof w a huge moshpit going under it!

  • Peter Bernardino

    Peter Bernardino

     1 days ago +1

    i always go straight to the comments on AD vids because everyone just clowns