Landon McCoy: HOW TO: Download Any Video to Your Computer and/or iOS Device


Published on: Sunday, February 22, 2015

HOW TO: Download Any Video to Your Computer and/or iOS Device

If you want to know how to download any video off of YouTube and save it to your Mac or PC and/or iOS device, completely for free, then you'll want to watch this video! It is a very easy process and it is completely legal, just as long as you don't sell it or distribute it. These are the steps:
1) If you have a PC, download iTunes. (Mac users can skip this step)
2) Go to in any web browser and find the video that you want. (You can try other websites too, but YouTube works perfect.)
3) Copy the URL after you click on the video that you want.
4) Go to and paste the URL in the text box and hit "download".
5) Select how you would like to download the video. (I normally choose the highest quality one.)
6) After you click on it, it should automatically download. Open iTunes while you wait for it to finish downloading.
7) Connect your iOS device to your computer.
8) Select your device in iTunes, and simply drag-and-drop the downloaded video to your device.
9) Enjoy your favorite videos offline!
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  • Bill A

    Bill A

     9 months ago

    The worst thing about "I" devices is that you no idea and no control if where the files are saved. They dictate everything for you. Uhhh

  • SignalTheSellouts


     4 years ago

    Hey you! ^_^ great video!

  • Chandler McCoy

    Chandler McCoy

     4 years ago

    That was really helpful!