Architectural Digest: Inside 'Try Guys' Ned Fulmer's Custom California Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


Published on: Friday, November 22, 2019

Inside 'Try Guys' Ned Fulmer's Custom California Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today we're welcomed into the cozy home of Ned Fulmer from the immensely popular "Try Guys." Ned and wife Ariel renovated an old Spanish style house in California, turning it into a airy, open concept home. The bright and sunny kitchen feels like it's part of the living room, with an inviting sense of connection flowing from space to space. As they take you through their home and out into the veggie garden, the Fulmer's enthusiasm comes right through the screen.

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Inside 'Try Guys' Ned Fulmer's Custom California Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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  • jasper lee

    jasper lee

     7 minutes ago

    Ned is crazy in real life

  • Gino


     28 minutes ago


  • tammy milo

    tammy milo

     5 hours ago

    !!!!!!! at about 12:18 is that a mouse running across the floor near the sofa?!!!! (far lower right)

  • Not Jake

    Not Jake

     5 hours ago

    At 4:20 you can see the video is actually filmed in reverse cuz the car in the window is going about 35 mph in reverse.

  • Krishna Trivedi

    Krishna Trivedi

     6 hours ago

    At 4:16 what is that dude doing with his car if you look outside the front window.

  • Matthew


     6 hours ago

    that car driving backwards blew my mind

  • yumna amjad

    yumna amjad

     8 hours ago

    shelf decor is awesome

  • Lissette Olvera

    Lissette Olvera

     9 hours ago

    I guess it's cozy

  • Simón Gámez

    Simón Gámez

     11 hours ago

    The fact that they say "We built it ourselves, we designed it ourselves" makes it so authentic, this is the best AD Open Door I've seen, Ned and Ariel are a beautiful and very weird couple and that's what make them unique. Ariel needs a YouTube channel ASAP!

  • Wolfix Motor Headquarters

    Wolfix Motor Headquarters

     12 hours ago +2

    When he said “and this is daddy’s toys” I thought he was gonna show us something else...

  • Gpaderna


     14 hours ago

    Ned used the garden hose to wash his mouth

    FILIPINOS: O m y g h a d ! W h a t t h e h e c k??????!!!!!!
    (Including me)

  • Amelie Engelmaier

    Amelie Engelmaier

     16 hours ago

    4:18 there's a car going backwards 🙃

  • fangirls daydreams

    fangirls daydreams

     19 hours ago

    It’s so crazy cuz it seems like just yesterday they announced they were pregnant now Wes is walkin & kind of talkin. Jeez time flies.

  • Taylor Speed

    Taylor Speed

     20 hours ago

    what a wholesome couple



     21 hours ago

    Your back yards not that big. I would just lay down some fresh sod. If you go through a reputable sod company, they will install it for you and put you on a watering schedule. I think with the install, utilizing the existing sod it would only set you back about 3000. Sounds like a lot, but the results will pay off for years.

  • yovany beltran

    yovany beltran

     22 hours ago

    I’m not the only one that saw the car driving backwards on the street at 4:18 right?...

  • Parnit S

    Parnit S

     1 days ago

    both of them are so goofy! love em!

  • Nick Critchfield

    Nick Critchfield

     1 days ago

    4:17 KIA Soul speeds backward up the street!

  • Ammarah Khalid

    Ammarah Khalid

     1 days ago

    umm is wes a boy or a girl

  • Bigdawgsgottaeat 50

    Bigdawgsgottaeat 50

     1 days ago +1

    Just put down some nitrogen, that’ll fix the brown patch :) PS this is coming from a turf guy so I know what I’m talking about 😂