Looper: A Controversial Batman Twist May Occur In Joker Film


Published on: Monday, June 3, 2019

A Controversial Batman Twist May Occur In Joker Film

We're still a few months out from the release of Joker, the film from director Todd Phillips in which Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of Batman's arch-enemy. But it's already sparking controversy among DC fans with a possible plot twist that would add a whole lot more than just a name to the Joker's origin story.

Citing a "source close to the production," We Got This Covered reported on May 27th that Joker might be set to include a contentious curveball: the Clown Prince of Crime and his superhero nemesis Batman are actually related.

The film will apparently establish this personal connection by revealing that Arthur Fleck — the real name given to the Joker in the upcoming movie — is actually the product of an affair that Bruce Wayne's father Thomas, played by Brett Cullen, had with Arthur's mother.

For those of you keeping score at home, that would mean that the Joker is Batman's half-brother. This isn't the first time this rumor has cropped up. We saw it last year, along with other hearsay that has since proven to be true, including Robert De Niro being cast as the talk show host Murray Franklin. If that's the case here, it seems like a pretty logical way for Joker to connect itself to some version of the larger Batman mythology.

We've known for a while that Cullen's Thomas Wayne was going to be depicted as a more antagonistic character than most moviegoers might expect considering previous incarnations of Batman's dad, and the plot twist even makes sense from a casting standpoint. The part of young Bruce Wayne will be played in the film by Dante Pereira-Olson, a child actor who previously played the younger version of Phoenix's character in 2017's You Were Never Really Here. Hey, if one casting team thought they looked alike, the Joker gang might have, too.

Though the Joker has never been revealed as the half-sibling of Bruce Wayne in the comics, the Dark Knight has been previously portrayed as having a villainous brother. Back in 1974, Thomas Wayne Jr. was introduced in the pages of World's Finest #223 as the older brother Batman never knew he had. As the comic explains, Thomas Jr. had been hit by a car as a baby, and the resulting brain damage led to him being raised in Willowood Sanitarium rather than Wayne Manor. The Waynes never got around to telling their other son about him before they were murdered in Crime Alley, so Thomas Jr.'s return came as quite a surprise to Batman, especially since Junior was being manipulated into murdering people with razor-sharp boomerangs. He then got his body taken over by the ghostly superhero Deadman, who used it to get a job at the circus. Keep watching the video to learn more about how a controversial Batman twist may occur in Joker film!

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Source: https://youtu.be/kTaQu__3tCU

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  • Looper


     7 months ago +388

    Would you rather not know the true origin of The Joker?



     3 months ago +1

    Official (D.C) Announced joker is older brother of batman

  • Ryan Anilafa

    Ryan Anilafa

     3 months ago +1

    this is now a reality in EDCU... greatest twist I never saw comin

  • Minty


     4 months ago +1

    I know it doesn't really mean much, But I thought that joker getting hit by a car was a reference to Thomas Wayne Juniors back story. Not an actual plot point, just an eater egg.

  • Karson Brady

    Karson Brady

     5 months ago

    Don’t understand why because the joker in this is like 20 maybe 30 years older than Bruce. That would be some weird shit

  • Renu Gupta

    Renu Gupta

     6 months ago

    Consultancy chief nhi.ah38lskrajmcppfhusk,b

  • Al M

    Al M

     6 months ago

    I'd say the whole movie looks like a controversial Batman twist.

  • Lil PORTIS614

    Lil PORTIS614

     7 months ago

    Fuck all that . they should made a movie about the joker son and his wife . that would of been Something 2 see since the joker now dead

  • Eye On Movies

    Eye On Movies

     7 months ago

    Why the fimmakers returning back when they are out of ideas !!

  • RockyHorrorFreakShow


     7 months ago

    This breaks up immediately after you consider the fact that Joker looks at least 40, when Bruce is what, 10?

  • SK Kahl

    SK Kahl

     7 months ago +1

    I wouldn't mind them being half brothers.

  • carlos garcia

    carlos garcia

     7 months ago

    Now they’re not related. Others mothers faked that they were half brothers because she was obsessed with Thomas. It’s confirmed!

  • RM Style78

    RM Style78

     7 months ago

    I think Cameron Monaghan is currently one of the best Actor`s to play a Joker in the next Batman Movie with Robert Pattinson.

    Because he plays so many great different Mr.J (JOKER) variations in the Gotham series and the age would fit. Maybe with Joaquin Phoenix as his Father HaHaAhAAAA

  • RM Style78

    RM Style78

     7 months ago

    I think Cameron Monaghan is currently one of the best Actor`s to play a Joker in the next Batman Movie with Robert Pattinson.

    Because he plays so many great different Mr.J (JOKER) variations in the Gotham series and the age would fit. Maybe with Joaquin Phoenix as his Father HaHaAhAAAA

  • scumbag benis

    scumbag benis

     7 months ago

    a trilogy of joker films that each show a totally different origin of the joker

  • Spencer Welch

    Spencer Welch

     7 months ago

    Actually - Jack Napier was the name given to Jack Nicholson's character by Sam Hamm and Warren Skarren in Tim Burton's Batman.

    And the events told in flashback in The Killing Joke were confirmed in the storyline 'Hush Returns' in the chapter titled 'Payback' when we see Joker over a memento case with pictures of his deceased wife Jeanine. Also the Bonus Brothers Carnival that he takes over in The Killing Joke to torture Jim Gordon has made appearances since the Killing Joke...such as in the aforementioned 'Hush Returns' (compleat with the resident 'freaks') and most recently in Doomsday Clock when Ozymandias, Rorschach II, Marionette, and The Mime land there from the "'Watchmen' universe including several panels that echo scenes from the Killing Joke.

  • The Hound

    The Hound

     7 months ago

    That actually sounds kind of cool for the movies

  • [DarkmindGames] SLIVER

    [DarkmindGames] SLIVER

     7 months ago

    Hmm, "You're trash who kills for money."

    "Don't talk like one of them, you're not! You're like me..."

    I've always thought that line seemed a little more complex than the service it was given on the surface. It always seemed like something one person of privilege would say to another. Like something an older brother of royalty would say to his naive younger brother.

    "You won't kill me out of some misplaced morality and I, I won't kill you because you're just so much fun."

    Also seems like a line that was written with innuendo and complexity. A complete and total insane madman enthralled in sending messages on psychological levels, won't kill Batman: the symbol?

    I know these lines were written with the intent and presumptions that Batman and joker entangle multiple times throughout their careers, but overall it really does fit that they're closely related. Aside from Thomas being so young and Arthur being so old, I honestly think it fits the mythology almost as well as hand-in-glove.

  • Tyrell Smith

    Tyrell Smith

     7 months ago

    I dont see anything wrong with this honestly. It's an amazing twist and it's not like this story is following the original story completely. There was even once a comic story when Bane and Batman were thought to of been actual brothers. DC has the multiverse, these things are possible.

  • Israel Davis

    Israel Davis

     7 months ago

    A Joker film directed by Quentin Tarantino imagine that