budleewiser: Relive the Chiefs "Miracle Comeback" Vs Texans


Published on: Sunday, January 12, 2020

Relive the Chiefs "Miracle Comeback" Vs Texans

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Source: https://youtu.be/kmhVLIQBJUk

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  • budleewiser


     1 weeks ago +119

    Hey everyone, I got my first Sponsor!!! Check out these sports cases for phones here~https://bit.ly/36Yz76I

    Use Promo Code Budlee for 10% off! I like the one where Burfict gets knocked out! lol

  • Gavin Kandefer

    Gavin Kandefer

     9 minutes ago

    Captions:ass drop by kelce

  • Scrub Doge

    Scrub Doge

     2 hours ago

    The Texans wasnt reaaaaaaadddyyyyt

  • Youtube failure

    Youtube failure

     2 hours ago

    I hate KC but I have mad respect for the quarterback



     4 hours ago +1

    What miracle the Texans can hold a lead that’s no miracle

  • Billy McCray

    Billy McCray

     5 hours ago

    Legit didn’t see Mahomes panic at all. No disrespect to Lamar, but in that Ravens/Titans game, he was whining a lot.

  • KC Chiefs Fan

    KC Chiefs Fan

     6 hours ago

    Andy Reid, "Feeling Sexy Today....I think I will spot the Texans 24 points just to give them hope".

  • Mark


     7 hours ago

    You skipped Hardman's return

  • René Camarena

    René Camarena

     9 hours ago

    When you're playing Madden 20 in All-Madden but it's too difficult and you switch to Rookie

  • Krash Diesel

    Krash Diesel

     10 hours ago

    Its special when you're down 24 points and still know you're gonna win the game

  • David Fuentes

    David Fuentes

     20 hours ago

    I sat there in my Mahomes Jersey at a bar in AZ. I listened to the opposing fan cheer loudly for Mahomes to get sacked and hurt while he chugged his mimosa. My friend flew in from KC to visit. We were the only Chiefs fans there at the time. He insisted we just go to another bar. I said nay my friend, he have little faith. Watch.

    His party along with him left at halftime.

  • David Fuentes

    David Fuentes

     20 hours ago

    You forgot Hardman’s run after the return. It was the first play that sparked the ignition in the Chiefs train. Go MAHOMES!!! GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Patrick Dickey

    Patrick Dickey

     21 hours ago

    Watch my video

  • Walter Schivo

    Walter Schivo

     22 hours ago

    Won't happen vs. the 49ers. You'll lose. Andy Reid will lose. Mahomes will never recover. KC never seen again. I'm not a 9r fan. I hate the NFL. You're about to kill the NFL when you lose to the 49ers that are fraud in the league. Really sad. 100 years of the NFL means that the league is now dead as the drive in. No more fans.

  • Hlubkoj Zoonyob

    Hlubkoj Zoonyob

     22 hours ago

    I thought the game is over when Houston score 24 to nothing. Houston, we have a problem! !!!

  • West's Vlogs

    West's Vlogs

     23 hours ago

    Go chiefs

  • gerardnc


     1 days ago

    Every lifelong Chiefs fan had a sinking feeling when Texas went up 24 to zero. The ghost of Marty and the specter of Smith loomed large... it felt like the Curse of the Bambino and the Curse of the Billy Goat rolled into one but that both Boston and Chicago have wiped out those "curses" which makes me think this Chiefs team can do it. Fingers crossed ... the Niners will put up a good fight... but I pray that Lamar Hunt will be dancing in heaven on February 2nd, and us long suffering Chiefs fans will be dancing down here on earth too. GO CHIEFS!

  • Edward Gaines

    Edward Gaines

     1 days ago +1

    This might just be the most suspenseful game of the 2019 season, barring the upcoming Super Bowl of course.

  • Katsuro


     1 days ago

    3Q to come back isn't a "miracle"....

  • Red Ninja Playzz

    Red Ninja Playzz

     1 days ago

    “I just want to be down 24 points in the first quarter just to see what it feels like” -Patrick Mahomes Head