Primitive Technology Idea: 20 Days Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest By Primitive Skills


Published on: Sunday, November 10, 2019

20 Days Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest By Primitive Skills

20 Days Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest By Primitive Skills

Recently, I have been through a 20-day journey in the rainforest of Vietnam. Using only natural things and primitive skills, I have to create shelter, find food and drinking water for survival. My goal is not simply to survive for 20 days, I also have to create conditions for long-term survival in the forest.

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  • david oliveira

    david oliveira

     18 minutes ago

    worms contain a lot of protein!! and bacteria too, so , dont forget to cook them.

  • Ayid Mohamed

    Ayid Mohamed

     36 minutes ago

    does he not realize that like 15 ants went up his shorts

  • ImFrostyy


     37 minutes ago

    1:47 look at his

    There are bugs on his legs

  • Kenzie Curls_xx

    Kenzie Curls_xx

     55 minutes ago

    Sell the camera and get some real food

  • Maria Jose Londono

    Maria Jose Londono

     1 hours ago

    I feel bad for the worms

  • chalinoahuesoduro


     1 hours ago


  • chalinoahuesoduro


     1 hours ago

    His house is behind the camera

  • chalinoahuesoduro


     1 hours ago

    This guy is really really surviving

  • BFlores 1206

    BFlores 1206

     1 hours ago

    868 worms didn’t liked this video

  • TinkTink


     1 hours ago +1


    the video:
    Steps on how to survive in minecraft

  • Namzy


     2 hours ago

    Minecraft over here bois

  • Claw


     2 hours ago

    Random saddos:
    we are destroying the environment
    what else are we meant to do, our parents force us to come outside so... shut up

  • Claw


     2 hours ago

    When your mum kicks you out for playing minecraft too much.
    Two weeks later
    Asian kid: are we in creative mode?

  • Evan Liming

    Evan Liming

     2 hours ago

    How did he not get water and not die

  • Bopity Boo

    Bopity Boo

     2 hours ago

    Him not eating with his mouth closed is so annoying

  • Mertsb03


     3 hours ago

    village literally 50 meters away lol cool anyways

  • Dani yorugua

    Dani yorugua

     3 hours ago

    And 72 day in place -50 °??
    The movie story real of 1972: Alive!( Viven) and very others documentals and movie de that story magic. The best story.

  • Mustafa Shaar

    Mustafa Shaar

     4 hours ago

    Life after in real life

  • TheOmkarSinkar


     4 hours ago

    Superb work brother

  • x Klin x

    x Klin x

     4 hours ago

    why do i get vietnam flashbacks