Landon McCoy: Laser Engrave Anything For Under $90!


Published on: Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Laser Engrave Anything For Under $90!

What's up, guys? In this video I'll be setting up, trying out, and reviewing the COLEMETER Mini USB Engraver. This engraving machine is perfect for anyone who is looking for an easy way to engrave anything, from wood, to plastic, to leather, and unbelievably, this engraver is under $90 on Amazon! If you liked this video, be sure to give it a like, and subscribe for more. Also, don't forget to follow me on Twitter!


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Unfortunately, the Colemeter version is no longer available. This rebranded version (but exactly the same) is only $95.
*Mini USB Engraver:


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  • Max Vorobey

    Max Vorobey

     3 months ago

    Does it work with a MacBook?

  • Sunya


     4 months ago

    Is it working on metal?

  • Mayor Fuglycool

    Mayor Fuglycool

     10 months ago +3

    Your keyboard give me a headache and makes me feel better at the same time.

    Mayor Fuglycool



     10 months ago

    How large of an area is it able to burn?

  • Menno


     11 months ago

    Does it only work on a flat service? I am looking for engraving wooden/antler rings

  • pollard1997


     11 months ago

    Can this lazer engrave qr codes? Will it work on cardboard, or wood.

  • Og Munster92

    Og Munster92

     1 years ago

    What's the biggest size image you can do??

  • Robert Cheney

    Robert Cheney

     1 years ago

    Can this make rubber stamps??

  • sixtochino


     1 years ago

    I am able to engrave shot glasses ?

  • randysmith106


     1 years ago

    Will you test it on some metal for us? I want to see if it can do anything at all to metal!!!

  • Cacie Crilly

    Cacie Crilly

     2 years ago +1


  • Nightflash_


     2 years ago

    That's a noice desk you got there mate

  • Ben Shapiro

    Ben Shapiro

     2 years ago +1

    I'm not part of the noti squad this timeI even though I swear I range the bell.....

  • Caleb Talks

    Caleb Talks

     2 years ago +1

    I'm actually part of the notification squad this time lol