DancingBacons: Taiwanese Street Food Handmade Pizza

Published on: Saturday, May 11, 2019

Taiwanese Street Food Handmade Pizza

5 Tasty affordable Street food from various night markets around Taiwan

All the street food in this video is below $2usd

1. Jumbo Ice cream cone

2. Monster Pizza

3. Peanut Ice Cream

4. Crispy Taro Balls

5. Taiwanese Sausage with Glutinous rice

Source: https://youtu.be/qGRvHSAmN4o

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  • ray gxr

    ray gxr

     11 hours ago

    Where’s your smile after u take a bite.

  • Мария Калмыкова

    Мария Калмыкова

     18 hours ago

    Грязно делайте.. Эта липёшка насибя застягуйт👎👎👎👎😛

  • تحادى كورة قدم

    تحادى كورة قدم

     22 hours ago

    ما هذا الأخضر

  • Alex C

    Alex C

     2 days ago

    Q porqueria y q hasco

  • 祐片桐


     2 days ago


  • Jerrie Thirlwards and Tom Holland Lover !!!!!

    Jerrie Thirlwards and Tom Holland Lover !!!!!

     3 days ago

    0:00 me when it’s free flow....

  • Mafer F

    Mafer F

     4 days ago

    Me quiero ir ya a Taiwan!! 😋

  • Danny's Food & Travel Channel

    Danny's Food & Travel Channel

     4 days ago

    I love street foods ❤️

  • Rosalyn Tajor

    Rosalyn Tajor

     5 days ago


  • iCQ_www-SPCL-tk


     1 weeks ago +2

    OK this is where i go next!!! Tapei 101 was awesome.. I LOVE TAIWAN!!! Nice people, neat clean and super friendly and OH MY GOSH THE FOOD I EAT SO WELL!!!!!!!!! The art these "street food vendors" have is amazing... skill and taste is just words cannot cover it. <3 please note ThaiChung airport outside opposite side of the street there is a cute nail salon with amazing coffee and sound... LOVE THE GUY (his family) thanks man.. i be back soon!!!!!!!

  • Basit Basit

    Basit Basit

     1 weeks ago +1


  • Ely Helen

    Ely Helen

     1 weeks ago +2

    Nobody talk about hygienic?but if dark people throwing their dough,all comments is about hygienic

  • Preeyaporn Ruechai

    Preeyaporn Ruechai

     1 weeks ago +1

    So good 🖒

  • Mr. Blood 0

    Mr. Blood 0

     1 weeks ago

    I want pizza now

  • Coleenstation


     1 weeks ago

    I'd rather to eat that pizza than to eat indian street food 😂 piece love y'all 😘

  • Kyabi


     1 weeks ago

    the filled saucsage is a cool idea!

  • Crazy 8s Drums

    Crazy 8s Drums

     1 weeks ago +2

    Taiwan street vendors do great with local cuisine, but they still have a lot of practice to do with pizza.

  • kekkuzzo75


     1 weeks ago

    Se vi vedono a Napoli vi vengono a mettere la bomba sotto la puteca 😬😬

  • Desi Wiwik Hendi yani Aceh barat

    Desi Wiwik Hendi yani Aceh barat

     1 weeks ago

    Wah enak banget... bikin ngiler liat nya

  • Sumalata Prabhu

    Sumalata Prabhu

     1 weeks ago

    so nice