Overtime: LaMelo Ball Talks TRASH To Julian Newman! Jaden Newman Is NERVOUS! Julian & His GF Break Up!?

Published on: Saturday, June 1, 2019

LaMelo Ball Talks TRASH To Julian Newman! Jaden Newman Is NERVOUS! Julian & His GF Break Up!?

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We got episode 9 of HELLO NEWMANS! In this episode, you'll see Julian face off against LaMelo Ball and Rocket Watts in the Grind Session All Star Game!

The season may be over, but Julian still has to prove where he stands amongst the greats. Julian is just trying to have fun and mess around during the all star practice, but pops has something else in mind. Jamie is all over his son trying to get him focused.

Jaden is chillen in this episode, but she's hella nervous to see Julian go against all these top players. Can Julian hold his own?

BTW TOMORROW we're releasing a new show called RJ'S WORLD! It will document RJ Hampton's school year and everything that went into him turning PRO!! See you tomorrow.

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  • Overtime


     5 months ago +108

    Make sure you check out RJ'S WORLD: https://www.anyclips.net/watch/Zc1mDX8J9PI

  • Kingston PlaysYT

    Kingston PlaysYT

     3 hours ago

    8:50 man said I don’t care if u playing infants don’t play around

  • J Mauricio

    J Mauricio

     18 hours ago

    I really hate his dad

  • Cynthia Craddock

    Cynthia Craddock

     1 days ago

    His dad does the most✋🏾🤣

  • Shoot for The sky

    Shoot for The sky

     3 days ago

    Yo I live where they are and I went to the game and got his signature

  • Chris Royse

    Chris Royse

     4 days ago

    This type of dad ruins careers

  • Steve Rad

    Steve Rad

     5 days ago

    I can definitely tell the dad got his dreams shitted on, so he shits on his own kids, he's a pos

  • SplitzBuilds


     5 days ago

    Just realized Melo Emmanuel and Rocket all clamped Julian

  • sokeyzie yrn

    sokeyzie yrn

     6 days ago

    he has no neck

  • Danny Crisp

    Danny Crisp

     6 days ago

    Julian only lifting 10 on each side?🤣

  • Dyonte Bragg

    Dyonte Bragg

     6 days ago

    they need to be thankful i wish i had a dad like that and i wish i could play ball everyday at a gym

  • Brandon Perez

    Brandon Perez

     6 days ago

    He’s to short to play basketball

  • Hans Aggabao

    Hans Aggabao

     1 weeks ago

    Men your so very small to play basketball

  • Black Ginger

    Black Ginger

     1 weeks ago

    This show is trash

  • Eliza S

    Eliza S

     1 weeks ago

    Who’s the one that’s telling Julian to go get something to eat👀

  • KING GREEN0416

    KING GREEN0416

     1 weeks ago

    I want to play like Jaylin he go crazy

  • Isaiah Williams

    Isaiah Williams

     1 weeks ago

    Julian just do YOU

  • Shemar Barton

    Shemar Barton

     1 weeks ago

    See at least with him he keep him and her girlfriend business to their self my cousin be so annoying he tells my whole family his girlfriend business

  • GetRekt YT

    GetRekt YT

     1 weeks ago

    If u wanna grow stop going to the gym and drink some milk

  • Oscar Rojas

    Oscar Rojas

     1 weeks ago

    5’7 comon he ain’t making the league g