Overtime: LaMelo Ball Talks TRASH To Julian Newman! Jaden Newman Is NERVOUS! Julian & His GF Break Up!?


Published on: Saturday, June 1, 2019

LaMelo Ball Talks TRASH To Julian Newman! Jaden Newman Is NERVOUS! Julian & His GF Break Up!?

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We got episode 9 of HELLO NEWMANS! In this episode, you'll see Julian face off against LaMelo Ball and Rocket Watts in the Grind Session All Star Game!

The season may be over, but Julian still has to prove where he stands amongst the greats. Julian is just trying to have fun and mess around during the all star practice, but pops has something else in mind. Jamie is all over his son trying to get him focused.

Jaden is chillen in this episode, but she's hella nervous to see Julian go against all these top players. Can Julian hold his own?

BTW TOMORROW we're releasing a new show called RJ'S WORLD! It will document RJ Hampton's school year and everything that went into him turning PRO!! See you tomorrow.

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  • Overtime


     7 months ago +130

    Make sure you check out RJ'S WORLD: https://www.anyclips.net/watch/Zc1mDX8J9PI

  • TJ Trueh

    TJ Trueh

     11 hours ago

    The Rat


  • olympio estonilo

    olympio estonilo

     1 days ago

    He is good but his disadvantage is his height Lmao😁✌

  • Ed Brown

    Ed Brown

     1 days ago

    Man I feel bad for this kid. His dad is too much. Its one thing to push your child but when you take there childhood away from them ia when you disturb the cycle of life. Its parents like him that live off there child and make a kid crash in life. Hope the best for julian. Keep strong lol bro and do it for you. I can't say enough. And don't get me started on poor jaden, girl is just lost. I'll just pray . amen

  • Junior Gramajo

    Junior Gramajo

     4 days ago

    Can’t really expect him to play well if the guys he’s matching up with are wayy taller and great ballers 🤷‍♂️ no hate, height plays a big part in basketball

  • Yhung B

    Yhung B

     4 days ago

    Any catch julians dad saying the N word at 4:24

    Fuck his dad nigga

  • Rohin Maliyil

    Rohin Maliyil

     5 days ago

    This kid is gay and trash he is worse than me lol

  • Chrome Viper

    Chrome Viper

     6 days ago

    anyone else or just me does Julian sister look like a slut to you or a act like one

  • J Hud Hudson

    J Hud Hudson

     1 weeks ago

    This dad is a pain in the butt. Relax and let your son live.

  • Jonathan Rayo

    Jonathan Rayo

     1 weeks ago

    Seems like His dad is forcing him to play basketball and shit

  • Cole Skaggs

    Cole Skaggs

     1 weeks ago

    Julian is trash

  • irish kayne

    irish kayne

     1 weeks ago

    Did his potato guy with weird eyebrows just say he paid for potato jr to join this match ??

  • Luca Nicolini

    Luca Nicolini

     1 weeks ago +1

    The sister looks like a mole

  • BAE tlog

    BAE tlog

     1 weeks ago

    Fuvkk off 7:34 did i just saw penguin from batman..

  • pickle eater

    pickle eater

     1 weeks ago

    Wh my is his dad so serious

  • xxwp v6

    xxwp v6

     1 weeks ago

    Bro throw this wack ass wanna be ball in the family show away lmao

  • David C

    David C

     1 weeks ago

    Julian Newman sounds and looks like Carlitos from the rugrats lol 😂

  • tez rowley

    tez rowley

     1 weeks ago

    Not giving parenting advice but they let their 14 kid just cuss in front of them? My moms would’ve gave me that belt

  • Tactical Bloo

    Tactical Bloo

     1 weeks ago

    Lavar pushes his kids to work but doesn’t make them go to bed early and not hang out with friends. Mr Potato Head is making Julian sleep early and wake up early. Julian isn’t even top 500, but his dad thinks he’s so good.

  • J C

    J C

     2 weeks ago

    Those were the softest pullups I have ever seen