A&E: Beyond Scared Straight: Most Memorable Moments (Season 7) | A&E


Published on: Monday, December 1, 2014

Beyond Scared Straight: Most Memorable Moments (Season 7) | A&E

There are no shortage of memorable moments in Beyond Scared Straight. From Kool-Aid encounters to chest hair threats, check out the best of the best moments from the first seven seasons. #BeyondScaredStraight
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Beyond Scared Straight
Season 7

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  • Khanya Khoza

    Khanya Khoza

     14 hours ago

    "U better comb him"

    "Look eat u doin n it better not hurt me"

    Aaaaaaaha..... dat one finished me

  • Varun Arora

    Varun Arora

     16 hours ago

    These kids huge ego and anger is the reason why they are there. Too scared to face real problems and just create problems for others.

  • Fuego De'Abba

    Fuego De'Abba

     17 hours ago

    I received the same as my brother layed on that steel..
    It changed me.
    But, not in any form of goodness.

  • just a random guy

    just a random guy

     22 hours ago

    1:05 the rock night mode

  • HTX The Wild

    HTX The Wild

     1 days ago

    For the 2nd Woman, I’ve been in Martial Arts for 4 years but she has such an intimidating aura and looks Like someone I would want not to fight/encounter her

  • Gedion Kinaadman

    Gedion Kinaadman

     1 days ago

    This video has so many censorship that i can't hear a single thing.

  • Sandra Miller

    Sandra Miller

     2 days ago


  • Roblox Owls

    Roblox Owls

     2 days ago

    I know that dude that is black and kept saying something about girls he used to walk near my street and smoke and drink with a friend

  • RusterRD


     2 days ago +1

    I love how that kid just brushes the hair on the inmates chest with a straight face

  • Sabri P.

    Sabri P.

     2 days ago

    you guys need to stop with the brother part, as least she had a brother to bond with. in 2015 my brother got into a car accident i had to sit in the hospital and watch him loose weight, see that his head was caved in from the doctors taking out half of his skull, him being paralyzed on his left side, he was throwing up all the time, and he couldn’t talk. he lived 5 months later but after he started getting better he took his last breath while i was a school. you guys shouldn’t be joking with this, i wish i had a bond with my brother the way she did.💔

  • Nischal Ada

    Nischal Ada

     3 days ago

    Deputy Sharma??? We got Indian officers!

  • Thabet Youness

    Thabet Youness

     3 days ago

    Officer :hit me
    Girl : swings at officer
    Officer : surprised pikachu face o:

  • Izzy here

    Izzy here

     3 days ago

    0:39 six years later and I still dont know if that’s a girl or boy

  • nay nay

    nay nay

     3 days ago

    1:37 had me weak

  • Carole M

    Carole M

     4 days ago

    Not defending the little punk, but I mean the CO said “hit me if you want to” so she should have saw that coming 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Texting stories by The King

    Texting stories by The King

     4 days ago

    I know his brother wasnt dead but they put him in a whole body bag bruh i feel like that might have been a bit much

  • Earthling Amélie

    Earthling Amélie

     4 days ago

    The guy crying when he saw his little brother in the body bag had me bawling my eyes out! I was scared he was going to faint. That wasn't just crying, it was "my heart is literally hurting" crying.

  • Kerry Mahmout

    Kerry Mahmout

     4 days ago

    I mean , she did say hit her 👊🏽

  • We Naruto running to AREA 51

    We Naruto running to AREA 51

     5 days ago

    When I was 10 playing with my food:
    My dad: 3:02

  • Rosa - Rose

    Rosa - Rose

     5 days ago

    the last one i am literallhaving to get myself together and try to not cry