Why Hollywood Stopped Casting The Actor Who Played Hagrid

  • Published on:  Monday, June 3, 2019
  • By all accounts, this beloved Harry Potter veteran would like to continue acting, but there are a few factors that might be making directors a bit hesitant to work with him these days. Here's why Robbie Coltrane isn't landing the high-profile roles he used to, and how he could turn it around.

    Many creative professionals struggle with substance abuse, and it seems to be especially common in Hollywood. No matter how successful someone looks on the surface, there's no guarantee that they aren't struggling behind the scenes. Like many other actors, Coltrane has had a troubled relationship with alcohol.

    Coltrane isn't the only former Harry Potter cast member who has a history with alcohol. Daniel Radcliffe has also owned up to drinking heavily during those early years of his career, and he's said he was even under the influence while shooting some scenes in the films. While Coltrane may be far from alone in this struggle, it's still likely had an impact on his ability to land new roles.

    Between long days on set, physically demanding scenes, and the lack of sleep that comes with a long schedule, acting can wear a person down. Dealing with health problems can really set an actor back, and unfortunately, Coltrane has been in poor health for years. Keep watching the video to learn why Hollywood stopped casting the actor who played Hagrid!

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