Looper: Why Hollywood Stopped Casting The Actor Who Played Hagrid


Published on: Monday, June 3, 2019

Why Hollywood Stopped Casting The Actor Who Played Hagrid

By all accounts, this beloved Harry Potter veteran would like to continue acting, but there are a few factors that might be making directors a bit hesitant to work with him these days. Here's why Robbie Coltrane isn't landing the high-profile roles he used to, and how he could turn it around.

Many creative professionals struggle with substance abuse, and it seems to be especially common in Hollywood. No matter how successful someone looks on the surface, there's no guarantee that they aren't struggling behind the scenes. Like many other actors, Coltrane has had a troubled relationship with alcohol.

Coltrane isn't the only former Harry Potter cast member who has a history with alcohol. Daniel Radcliffe has also owned up to drinking heavily during those early years of his career, and he's said he was even under the influence while shooting some scenes in the films. While Coltrane may be far from alone in this struggle, it's still likely had an impact on his ability to land new roles.

Between long days on set, physically demanding scenes, and the lack of sleep that comes with a long schedule, acting can wear a person down. Dealing with health problems can really set an actor back, and unfortunately, Coltrane has been in poor health for years. Keep watching the video to learn why Hollywood stopped casting the actor who played Hagrid!

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Struggles with alcoholism | 0:15
Worsening health problems | 1:00
Tepidly received films | 1:38
A controversial TV role | 2:30
Hosting his own show | 3:17
Comeback plans | 4:00

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     1 days ago

    so freakin boring these types of videos...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you got any dumb subscribers yet or are attic rats knawing on your less intelligible brain of yours....feebly trying more of these useless info gems?!!

  • ollie jully

    ollie jully

     5 days ago

    He has a name tho!!!where's Robbie Coltrane in the title??!?!?!

  • Marilyn Roberts

    Marilyn Roberts

     1 months ago

    LOOPER, you sure made a lot of people angry with this one! Time to apologize!

  • Hyperopiate


     2 months ago

    GOD this narrators voice is so tinny and crisp it gives me headaches. Way too much vocal mix being brought forward.

  • Tattaglia Crime Family

    Tattaglia Crime Family

     2 months ago +1

    His most known roles KGB agent from Goldeneye & Hagrid

  • steve sandford

    steve sandford

     3 months ago

    Robbie Coltrane is, and has been throughout his HUGELY SUCCESSFUL career, an actor/entertainer of STUNNING range. Comedy, Character Parts, Farce, Crime Thrillers, Serious Drama, Presenting, Panel Shows, even Improv, this man has repeatedly proved that NOTHING is beyond his ability as a performer.

    In the referred to 'National Treasure' (2016) TV series, Coltrane give THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS CAREER to date. In an almost impossibly difficult role, Coltrane EMBODIES his character, (on a multitude of subtle levels...) leaving the audience ALMOST sympathetic to somebody we grow to KNOW... That WE LIKE HIM, or at least understand him, DISTURBS the viewer. (We sympathize with him, perhaps wishing we did not?) It's a BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE, an an example of how Coltrane BECOMES the multi-faceted character he is portraying. (It's a Tour-de-Force...) It also suggests that Coltrane's best work remains to be seen, as yet. (Though how he'd Top that portrayal, I can't imagine...)

    This video AT BEST attempts to be 'sensational' but is actually salacious. ("HAGRID" my arse, in fact.) xx SF

  • Ian Jung

    Ian Jung

     3 months ago

    Long Guy
    Wide Guy
    Short Guy

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    carlos flores

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    El peluca SABEEEEP!

  • QuasarOne


     5 months ago

    As one of the most recognisable british actors...i don't think he's in any trouble at all just because big boy Hollywood doesn't cast him....also his name is Robbie Coltrane, fuck off with "The Actor who played Hagrid", typecasting might be the worst issue he has to deal with

  • Teknos


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     6 months ago

    "acting can wear a person down"? smh

  • Sadie Evans

    Sadie Evans

     6 months ago

    Omg at least put his name in the title!

  • Sonic Crash

    Sonic Crash

     6 months ago

    He is a great character actor sorry to hear that his knees giving a problem I hope you get through it like to see him back on the stage again

  • Niccole Evans

    Niccole Evans

     6 months ago

    Looper, you guys need better subjects.... Not that I have no compassion for actors but this just seems like a private matter not something to be examined... Scraping the bottom a bit, aye? 😕😅😆

  • teslagirl1


     6 months ago

    "Nuns on the Run". Well worth watching.

  • Hulk Fan

    Hulk Fan

     6 months ago +1

    Hagrid is my most favourite characters.

  • Sheyna Marie Extra

    Sheyna Marie Extra

     6 months ago

    He’s in a wheelchair now..

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    It's that damn butterbeer fault. 😤😠

  • Jon A. Evans

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     6 months ago

    Forgot Coltrane's Planes & Automobiles