BuzzFeedVideo: We Made A 3-Course Meal From Tokyo's Vending Machines


Published on: Saturday, December 7, 2019

We Made A 3-Course Meal From Tokyo's Vending Machines

Inga tries making a 3-course meal with Tasty Japan producer Red, using ingredients she found from the many vending machines all over Tokyo, like natto, bear curry, durian soda etc.! Follow Inga on Instagram for more:


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  • Inga Lam

    Inga Lam

     1 months ago +2412

    This was such a fun challenge to try!! Please take me back to Japan already :( Are there any super interesting vending machines from your country that you think are worth a visit?

  • Adaku O.

    Adaku O.

     11 hours ago

    Red is fine af

  • Audrey S Andrea

    Audrey S Andrea

     1 days ago

    Omg he was from vine ! :(

  • Les Abiera

    Les Abiera

     1 days ago

    What is he’s social media name?????????
    The guy
    Is so cute

  • Darkmagic Gaming

    Darkmagic Gaming

     1 days ago

    Durian soda for 20$ wtfff I get that at my asian super market for like 2$

  • Danny Dizon

    Danny Dizon

     2 days ago

    I see Red, I click.

  • kateland mckinney

    kateland mckinney

     2 days ago

    sssnpierwolfs can she played down from her video of Japan vending machine food is in the back ground at 4:55

  • Prince Andrei Aying

    Prince Andrei Aying

     3 days ago

    Follow the map

  • Sunny Island

    Sunny Island

     4 days ago

    Oh Yu still in Japan

    Luv Yu!!!!

  • Sunny Island

    Sunny Island

     4 days ago


    All da gurlz commenting
    On yor Boifren !!

    Dey all spocking out Red there🤭

  • Jasshie A

    Jasshie A

     4 days ago

    he is so cute. 😍

  • Zara Chaudhry

    Zara Chaudhry

     4 days ago

    Her saying nobody can possibly not like this me sitting on my bed and thinking i dont like it am i not normal or what

  • Aaishah Ibrahim

    Aaishah Ibrahim

     5 days ago

    Them: mixing all sorts of food together......
    "It's good, it's actually pretty good"!
    Me: mixing my food together.....
    "Wth did I just do?"

  • Heba Ahmed

    Heba Ahmed

     5 days ago

    When you know what's in the vending machines already because you watch sssniperwolf.

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma

    Zenitsu Agatsuma

     6 days ago

    What is natto?

  • Sio Corrales

    Sio Corrales

     6 days ago

    I came here for inga.. Ohh wait thats red? 😂😂

  • Alex


     6 days ago

    1:38 isnt that hyorotto danshi

  • Sad Rock

    Sad Rock

     1 weeks ago

    8:01 where did his accent go wtf

  • Deniper


     1 weeks ago

    Red is avoiding Inga's eyes. Are they former lovers?

  • Viruliant


     1 weeks ago

    *sniffs durian*
    eeeeeeeeeee I- o k a y.